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What a great way to communicate with each other and Grupo Vidanta.

Members offering what they like and what they would like to see help parent organizations make decisions that are relevant and meaningful. Such exchanges often lead to improved experiences, interactions and surroundings.

We individuals can best be heard when others having the same ideas voice their opinions too. A community voice adds a bit of weight to the community's ideas.

Capture fleeting thoughts. The time to strike is when the proverbial light bulb clicks on. The trick is getting the suggestion into the system while it is fresh in our minds. Wait too long, and click, the bulb is dark and we move on.

So, now that we have started this not so new idea, let's see if anything comes of it. The idea is to let individuals be heard.....if they want to be heard. Comments are not necessarily limited to Nuevo Vallarta. Please note: Participation is limited to Subscribing Members. You can Subscribe Here if you have not already done so.

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2014-12-07 Three things are coming to mind:
  1. Checking luggage into and out of the resort is vastly improved. Bellmen are well organized and the process is simple. Just be sure you call the number on your luggage slip. Otherwise, the bellmen will not deliver your luggage.
  2. The property continues to impress and not disappoint. Elevated walkways provide a great way to get around the property. Also, did you know you can run along the road that parallels the river?
  3. Trams do a great job trying to keep up. Sometimes there are waits, but most of the time there are none.
We are looking forward to our next trip to see how the north side of Towers 3 A and B and 4 A and B turns out. It was a construction site when we left.

We are also looking forward to paddling throughout the waterways when they are completed.

2014-11-22 We like the roomy feel to the units. There is nothing better than getting up in the morning and walking to the deck across a spacious living and dining room. The "feeling" is so much more satisfying than walking across a smaller format room that would characterize the normal timeshare room.

The other thing we like is the "cubes". Cubic space also provides a feeling of openness. It brings to mind a freedom that does not exist in a smaller format or typical timeshare unit.

2014-10-01 We like....
Coffee delivered in the am...
the great staff...
the pool...
the balcony...
pretty much everything...


2014-09-18 Oh, the decks! Lo-o-o-ve the big decks. And I second what Gary said about using the Villa lockoff: it's so nice to have a separate living room.

Love the staff: they always are pleasant and try so hard to please us.

Love that there's something different to see onsite every time we go (new landscaping, new buildings, new restaurants, etc).

Love meeting up with other owners onsite.

Love the Tramonto restaurant for a special dinner.

Love the meal coupon book.

Love the spa at GM.

Love not having to check towels in and out at the pool.

Love having a cocktail, listening to the piano, in the GL1 Lobby bar.

Linda in Seattle

2014-09-18 There are 3 meal plans at Nuevo as of Feb 2011. Buy them at the front desk or the concierge. Present the coupon to the waiter before you order. They are valid at any of the onsite restaurants, including the PV Marina property.

No tip. You are given two checks: one showing you used coupons and one shows beverage charges,etc.

CHACMOL plan: $1,173 pesos. 6 breakfast coupons.
BALAM plan: $3.075 pesos. 6 breakfast coupons plus 6 lunch/dinner coupons.
REY MAYA plan: $4,998 pesos. 6 breakfast coupons plus 12 lunch/dinner coupons.

Excludes sodas, cocktails, beers.

Coupons are for a 3 course meal chosen from the regular menu: appetizer, main course and dessert. A few items like lobster or rack of lamb require 2 (or more) coupons, but they are the exception.

Whether they are a deal depends on how you usually dine. Taking an average of the main restaurant prices we came up with a 3 course dinner costing $500-$550 pesos per person if ordered from the menu. But if you don't usually order 3 courses and you're happy with 1 or maybe 2 courses then the meal plan may not make sense for you.

Having said that, you can use 1 dinner coupon per person to go to the Monday night Beach Party and/or the Mexican Fiesta night. That's a GREAT deal.

We mostly cook in the room so when we go out to eat it's special and we usually get the 3 courses. The meal plan works for us. If we ate out all the time I don't think I could eat 3 courses every night. They do let you take the leftovers including wine.
Linda in Seattle

2014-09-18 Love having room service served on the gorgeous deck..
Love the staff for friendliness and eagerness to do well without being subservient or condescending (as some staff can be at 5 star resorts and hotels)...
Love having my morning coffee delivered, since I'm the designated coffee person...
Love the amazing grounds with daily changes in paths, flowers, roads, etc....
Love the little amenities-cold towels, popsicles, provided towels...
(Will) Love having a GPS on the golf carts; now if only there were something to make the ball go the right way and distance...
Love the many choices of restaurants...
(May) Love the train in from the highway, although it seems like a lot more luggage handling/tips...it'll be great if it ever comes from the airport.
I guess we love 99% of everything, or we wouldn't have been going to NV/Mayan since the very beginning!

2014-09-16 One thing that I think is really nice, is the laminar flow air-conditioning system. You very seldom feel a draft on you, but the air is cooled and de-humidified.

The other nice thing is the "living room in the lock-off section of the Grand Luxxe Villa. If one of us want to sleep or rest, the other can watch TV or read without disturbing others.

There are enough doors that can be arranged in various ways so there is always privacy for everyone when needed, and opened to provide camaraderie for all when desired.

We are leaving Monday 19 Sept for Nuevo Vallarta Grand Luxxe Villa Suite, after a forced hiatus due to my wife falling an breaking her shoulder. Its better now and we are raring to go.

2014-09-11 Results of the Cruise Poll are as follows:
  1. Panama is most interesting to participants
  2. Fall Colors is next
  3. Golf Trips is third but not by much
What do you think? Would you like to anyone be interested in participating in a trip through the Panama canal with other Grand Luxxe Residence Club members?

If so, let us know by posting Panama in the text area of the poll post.

2014-09-05 Likes: The location, security, architecture, quality of the buildings, the grand scale of the units and the restaurants and the pools etc., the quality of the food, the beach, the landscaping, the MAID SERVICE!!!, the concierges and the service of the entire staff for that matter.
But I have a few things that frustrate me: the biting bugs (there is a paint that can substantially reduce this problem); the misinformation circulating (this can be reduced if management WITH ONE VOICE posts monthly updates on a website for owners.) This update should communicate what is happening and planned, not just physical changes but changes in the way the units are sold and other policy changes regarding owners.

2014-08-22 I won't give my LIKES because I'll just repeat was already mentioned. The resorts are amazing. Why trade out for less?

My problem is with upgrades. If I am understanding the latest posts, if someone does not need more than two bedrooms or more Grand Luxxe weeks they are losing value by not upgrading. I guess we will have to see if we can be given a different option.

We all have different needs.

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