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What a great way to communicate with each other and Grupo Vidanta.

Members offering what they like and what they would like to see help parent organizations make decisions that are relevant and meaningful. Such exchanges often lead to improved experiences, interactions and surroundings.

We individuals can best be heard when others having the same ideas voice their opinions too. A community voice adds a bit of weight to the community's ideas.

Capture fleeting thoughts. The time to strike is when the proverbial light bulb clicks on. The trick is getting the suggestion into the system while it is fresh in our minds. Wait too long, and click, the bulb is dark and we move on.

So, now that we have started this not so new idea, let's see if anything comes of it. The idea is to let individuals be heard.....if they want to be heard. Comments are not necessarily limited to Nuevo Vallarta. Please note: Participation is limited to Subscribing Members. You can Subscribe Here if you have not already done so.

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2017-06-24 Update June 25th Riviera Maya. This is an update - as well as a review. Not sure I wish to say all the pluses as I like not too many people here.

Riviera Maya now offers many advantages over NV. Especially if you are Platinum. Service, staff and transportation is much better than MB and you are treated royally. If Platinum, you have your own concierge and they make reservations and provide all individual transportation whether 2, 4 or more including when you wish to return whether restaurant, beach or Even Cirque Du Soleil! Snack dropped In room daily. Smaller and more intimate than NV. New beach club is nice if you come with kids otherwise loud music, noisy and mosquitos from new construction next door which will be for Platinum only.

Beautiful. Just not for us presently. New jungle Estates construction site and billboard only. Looks Breathtaking if you have millions.

5 buildings now including 1and 2-villas and condos, 3-2 and 3 BR spa units, 4- 4 Bedroom Residence club and 5-1 BR jungle unit. Lazy river there under construction with 2-3 restaurants maybe ready by November. Don't count on it.

Beach, after millions still not accessible to water without water shoes.

Plans, here we go, water park (smaller than NV) with monorail and sky ride from GL side.

Sales same as always. "Update only-2 hours". Sales Rep pushy, smooth cool manager comes
In and lot more Knowledgeable but won't stop pushing and makes multiple different cheap offers and explains why you must upgrade. Final offer is actually a downgrade if you understand full offer. We escaped again.

All in all, incredible vacation especially due to how much better Platinum is treated in RM about NV.

2017-05-14 We have been members of Vidanta for over 12 years, through ups, and downs. We just returned from Nuevo Vallarta. As per usual, each visit always has something new and exciting to see or visit. We stayed in Tower 5 in the One Bedroom Residence Loft Unit (aka one bedroom Penthouse loft). Yes, it is smaller than the 2 bedroom Loft which we own but it is ideal for two people. We loved being able to go out our door, press the elevator button and go up one flight to the beautiful rooftop swimming pool and restaurant. We found the food excellent and the service impeccable.

As part of our “update”, we were taken by Jeep out to the area where the future “Hotel of the Sun” and upcoming Cirque du Soleil are being built. It definitely will be an impressive area when completed next year. We are concerned about the traffic this area will create but hopefully that will be figured out.

At the Pro Golf Shop in the Ameca restaurant area we decided to take the Vidanta Tequila Tour. This is a relatively new tour, entirely on the property. We were met at the Golf Pro Shop by the Food and Beverage Manager, Luis Vicencio Curiel. We were provided sample Tequila drinks in decorative mugs. To make the tour authentic we were presented with big sombreros to get us in the mood for the tour. So with the wonderful drinks we were on our way over the golf bridge on the Ameca River. We traversed the Greg Norman golf course to a lovely Casita and being pampered for 2-3 hours of with a tequila information video, tequila tasting, very wonderful munchies, followed with a wonderful full lunch. This was all in the shade of an enormous Banyan tree. The food was excellent and the service was superb. We will do this tour again.

One day we took a tour with “Discovery Tours” to the towns of Talpa and Mascota. What we liked about this tour company is that they come to the Vidanta Taxi area to pick us up instead of having to go by taxi over to Vallarta Adventures. Also they will cater to your individual wants for specialized trips. Their vehicles are smaller, our touring vehicle was almost new and the tour guide, Jorge Novoa, spoke excellent English.

We usually do a couple days going downtown to Puerto Vallarta to our favorite restaurants. We found out that one of our favorites from Puerto Vallarta, the Blue Shrimp, has a new local branch in Nuevo Vallarta. It is off campus and located nearby so we went there one night. The food is very good and the atmosphere is quite exotic. Plus it saves going downtown.

All in all it was a very good two week.

2017-03-23 We have just returned from 2 weeks in the SPA Tower at Nuevo Vallarta. The apartment was clean and tidy low down but higher shelves etc were caked in thick dust.

As usual we went to the meeting where they tried to sell us an upgrade to the Punta (which building clearly has structural problems) and to some private bungalows they will be building in the grounds. All looks very nice but is likely to be midge and mosquito heaven with all the greenery around as even in the restaurants we were bitten by midges. We declined as apparently did all the other people we talked to. Our sales person became quite aggressive when we said we were not intereted, suggesting we could not afford the $60,000 they wanted. Our Son, a realator, actually got the sales person totally confused which was great to see as usually the shoe is on the other foot.

Frankly the site has now become so big that it is close to being unmanageable. With the apparent 6 more Luxxe Towers and the theme park hotels, I believe the whole complex is now too large for a comfortable holiday. We shall not be returning.

2016-11-25 Love the property and size. Some may feel it is too big, but not for our family. Foliage is well maintained and the buildings seem to be cared for too.

What needs work is the ability to leave the property on foot. There are a number of restaurants located within walking distance, and we don't care for the appearance that management is trying to keep guests from walking to them.

The other issue is the cost of the taxi. The across the board increase of about $50 MXP (about $2.50 USD) is absurd! It amounts to an additional tax on guests leaving the property. Again, it appears management is gouging to get a return of the cost to build the new access road.

That said, the property and facilities are all that we wanted when we first purchased here. It is truly a place that we look forward to our return visits!

2016-01-10 The changes are amazing! Our guests were overwhelmed because they have never seen such scale.....that is the word one of our guests kept using. Scale, its a credit to the organization that it has been able to increase the number of buildings and yet maintain the beauty of the property.

Those areas that have been improved:
  • Checkin and out.....a breeze!
  • Shuttles - the bellmen try to keep them moving in the directions people want to go. The system is vastly improved.
  • La Plaza - definitely a great place! Groceries are fairly priced, liquor is about twice what it is off campus, great selections of meat and cheese, terrific bakery, great chocolates.....all very good!
  • La Cantina is a fun setting.
  • Ameca Social at the the Vidanta Golf Club House is a good addition. The BLT is huge!!
Here are items that could be improved upon.
  • Transportation on and off the property. The shuttle system is vastly improved but the log jam is at the taxi and Santuario areas at peak times.
  • Pool seats - enforce the rules to protect the Platinum privileges.
  • Taxi fares have increased by 50 pesos (about $3 US) each way. That is a real downer when we want to be driven to Nuevo Vallarta establishments.
Regardless, the property is beautiful, the staff makes us feel at home and the accommodations are world class, in the words of our guests.

We will be back in spite of the suggestions mentioned above.

2014-12-07 Three things are coming to mind:
  1. Checking luggage into and out of the resort is vastly improved. Bellmen are well organized and the process is simple. Just be sure you call the number on your luggage slip. Otherwise, the bellmen will not deliver your luggage.
  2. The property continues to impress and not disappoint. Elevated walkways provide a great way to get around the property. Also, did you know you can run along the road that parallels the river?
  3. Trams do a great job trying to keep up. Sometimes there are waits, but most of the time there are none.
We are looking forward to our next trip to see how the north side of Towers 3 A and B and 4 A and B turns out. It was a construction site when we left.

We are also looking forward to paddling throughout the waterways when they are completed.

2014-11-22 We like the roomy feel to the units. There is nothing better than getting up in the morning and walking to the deck across a spacious living and dining room. The "feeling" is so much more satisfying than walking across a smaller format room that would characterize the normal timeshare room.

The other thing we like is the "cubes". Cubic space also provides a feeling of openness. It brings to mind a freedom that does not exist in a smaller format or typical timeshare unit.

2014-10-01 We like....
Coffee delivered in the am...
the great staff...
the pool...
the balcony...
pretty much everything...


2014-09-18 Oh, the decks! Lo-o-o-ve the big decks. And I second what Gary said about using the Villa lockoff: it's so nice to have a separate living room.

Love the staff: they always are pleasant and try so hard to please us.

Love that there's something different to see onsite every time we go (new landscaping, new buildings, new restaurants, etc).

Love meeting up with other owners onsite.

Love the Tramonto restaurant for a special dinner.

Love the meal coupon book.

Love the spa at GM.

Love not having to check towels in and out at the pool.

Love having a cocktail, listening to the piano, in the GL1 Lobby bar.

Linda in Seattle

2014-09-18 There are 3 meal plans at Nuevo as of Feb 2011. Buy them at the front desk or the concierge. Present the coupon to the waiter before you order. They are valid at any of the onsite restaurants, including the PV Marina property.

No tip. You are given two checks: one showing you used coupons and one shows beverage charges,etc.

CHACMOL plan: $1,173 pesos. 6 breakfast coupons.
BALAM plan: $3.075 pesos. 6 breakfast coupons plus 6 lunch/dinner coupons.
REY MAYA plan: $4,998 pesos. 6 breakfast coupons plus 12 lunch/dinner coupons.

Excludes sodas, cocktails, beers.

Coupons are for a 3 course meal chosen from the regular menu: appetizer, main course and dessert. A few items like lobster or rack of lamb require 2 (or more) coupons, but they are the exception.

Whether they are a deal depends on how you usually dine. Taking an average of the main restaurant prices we came up with a 3 course dinner costing $500-$550 pesos per person if ordered from the menu. But if you don't usually order 3 courses and you're happy with 1 or maybe 2 courses then the meal plan may not make sense for you.

Having said that, you can use 1 dinner coupon per person to go to the Monday night Beach Party and/or the Mexican Fiesta night. That's a GREAT deal.

We mostly cook in the room so when we go out to eat it's special and we usually get the 3 courses. The meal plan works for us. If we ate out all the time I don't think I could eat 3 courses every night. They do let you take the leftovers including wine.
Linda in Seattle

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