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Welcome to the Home Page Archive
Fourth Quarter - 2008

Our First Post:

Everyone is gearing up for the travel season. One of our new friends said her family and she can't wait - it was minus 20 degrees as she was writing us during the daylight hours. Off to hockey, she said. She and three other families are making the trek in March.

Another is excited to be in Nuevo Vallarta during Valentines Day week with his family. Still another is looking forward to their Christmas vacation with another family that has been friends for years. How special is all of this?

Who would have thought a year ago that we would be enjoying all the new friendships and acquaintances that we have today. Amazing! Well, on we go.....

We came across a new list of restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. Did you know that there are more than 1,000 restaurants in the area? We had no idea the number was so large.

Anyway, check out the new list prepared by Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine. You can see the list in our restaurant section.

Earlier, we introduced you to a great trip planning tool. This tool is located at www.homeandabroad.com. Check out the Great Trip Planner page for more details. We think it is very cool. Also, we found some other interesting sites that relate to our sphere of interest as well and will be bringing them to your attention this week. BTW, if anyone has a similar tool that you would like to share with us, please do not hold back.

A visitor asked about a timeshare rental and sales company called Regal Timeshare Sales and Rental. One of our contributors described his experience with the company. Up front fee with no results. Not a good deal! If you want to sell or rent your weeks, make sure the up front fee is no greater than $20 or so. Otherwise, there is no incentive for the sales person to deliver.

We also came across a great piece from the complaintsboard.com. The writer was an experienced timeshare owner, who was "taken up by the heat of the moment", as my lawyer brother in law would say. Read about the experience in the Forum.

As we all know, when upgrading, don't forget to have EVERYTHING in writing, even if it is a note that is handwritten by the sales manager or salesman. Don't be afraid to ask for signatures and dates either, because without them, you have only a promise.

Happy traveling and may your year be full of wonder and enjoyment!

Our goal is to present you with interesting travel ideas, links to travel resources, photographs of places to visit, culinary ideas, blogs about issues that need discussing, exposure to our own timeshare rentals when they become available and other topics that appear to have wide spread interest at the time.

On occasion you may want to correspond with us. Please rest assured that any information you submit to us is retained by us and never made available nor used in way by outside organizations, individuals or entities. We want to build your trust and confidence in us so that we may become a community of fun loving, energetic, curious and sensitive travelers.

We are building our website from scratch. For those of you who have attempted to build a website, you know that there are starts, restarts and changes in direction. First and foremost, that's what makes the process so much fun. Secondly, we are constantly finding new subjects to discuss. Also, there is too little time to spend looking for interesting ideas. So, you are watching in real time the fun we are experiencing as we face the challenge of creating an entertaining, warm, and enjoyable place to share information, ideas and questions among us all.

You will note that the first set of photos we have posted on our site is of the Grand Luxxe and Grand Luxxe Villa models offered by the Grupo Mayan (Vedanta) Resorts. We are ONLY MEMBERS of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club Nuevo Vallarta NOT associated with the Grupo Mayan (Vedanta) Resorts in any way, other than we want them to be very successful.

Instead, we are a couple of energetic grand parents having fun with the concept of reaching out to the Internet cloud to discuss what's next and encourage others to share with all of us what's next for them as well.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please join in.