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Third Quarter - 2009

September 27, 2009
And today, we learned even more.

One of our viewers sent us an email stating an email from the seller confirmed the unit sold on EBay was a 2 BR Luxxe Registered Week, not a 2 BR Luxxe Villa Registered Week.

Thank you for that correction. We all benefit from knowing the facts in cases like these.
September 25, 2009
Well, we learned more. In fact, we were told by a fellow member that the unit that was sold on EBay was a Registered Week for a 2 BR Luxxe Villa. The buyer received a very good deal, given that his entry cost is so low. We are surprised that the unit went for such a low price, but we also do not know all the circumstances. So, who ever won the bid will have many years of enjoyable time at the Grand Luxxe.
September 19, 2009
The last and final bid was about $2,500.00. Total price after transfer fees was about $7,500.00 for a Luxxe Room, which is what we figured the unit to be.

Sure there were prices listed in the ad for the weeks you could use. But the way we see it, the contract is the contract. We have not seen many contracts that sell for a given price, call for an established Maintenance Fee and say you can up grade by paying a higher Maintenance Fee in the year you want to travel. Very questionable, we say.

Anyway, for those of you who feel the deal was a great one, we are happy. For those of you who say there was not enough information, we agree.
September 18, 2009
Thanks Gail. Check out the Owner's Forum - a Grand Luxxe is being auctioned off as we speak. Last bid we saw was about $1,500.00.

Now what we do not know is the size. The ad says the owner can stay at the Luxxe for differing Maintenance Fees and stay in differing sized units. The lowest fee (around $850) is the fee for the unit.

The auction closes at about 7 PM. So, if things like this interest you, take a look.
September 10, 2009
We heard that the center of the Grand Luxxe One Tower will be an atrium: open in the center and looking down to the ground floor, we guess. Quite spectacular. Anyone else hear something similar? Or different?

Also, we feel the fact that there are 5 construction projects going on at the Nuevo Vallarta property is encouraging. Why? It shows to us that the Grupo Vidanta / Grupo Mayan organization wants rooms for everyone who had faith in them.

Regardless of whether or not construction completes on time (whenever that is), we have gained more confidence that the organization wants to complete what they started as soon as possible. Of course, that is just two people's (Mary Ann's and mine) points of view.
September 6, 2009
John's and Ruth's maps stimulated some conversation with the Grupo Vidanta organization. Exactly how much construction is taking place at Nuevo Vallarta? What is the status of the construction? When do buildings open? What are the future buildings going to look like? Etc., etc.

Well, the answer is encouraging!

According to one of our NV contacts, five construction projects are underway: 1) Grand Luxxe One (ECD 1st Qtr, 2010); 2) Grand Luxxe Two, which is up river from Grand Luxxe One (ECD 4th Qtr 2010); 3) The Grand Bliss (between the Grand Mayan and the Mayan Palace)(ECD 4th Qtr 2010); 4) The Bliss (Mayan Palace)(ECD 4th Qtr 2010); 5) Nayar Town (El Pueblito?)(ECD 4th Qtr, 2010).

Just remember.....estimates are only what they say they are......just estimates.
August 26, 2009
Thanks John and Ruth. They just returned from two weeks at the Nuevo Vallarta Grand Mayan and have asked if we would like photos to share with everyone. Of course, we gratefully accepted. The first two are posted in the Construction at NV section.

Additionally, John took photos of architectural renderings of the newest proposed Riviera Maya and Acapulco property layouts. These renderings appear on computers in the sales office at Nuevo Vallarta. Check out the Nuevo Vallarta renderings at Nuevo Property Maps.

In the meantime, thank you from all of us for thinking and sharing with us.
August 25, 2009
A fellow member contacted us with a request for help. Initially, he made reservations for a week at the Grand Mayan San Jose del Cabo in October and for a week at the Grand Mayan Riviera Maya during Thanksgiving, both in 2009. Now, he cannot use them and has changed his San Jose del Cabo reservation to Thanksgiving week as well (Monday to Monday).

He received the wonderful news that his very talented daughter, who is a gymnast, has been selected to compete in very high level meets during both weeks. Furthermore, his daughter has made it known to the family that she needs to continue practicing when not competing. Bottom line: No time for vacations.

If you would like to learn more, please check out Rentals From Us.
August 19, 2009
Ever thought about what the Luxxe Tower looks like inside? We have, but to no avail.

Also, any word on the number of units in the Nuevo Luxxe Tower? We think the corners are Luxxe Villas, so there will be 36 two bedroom units (or in our way of counting 72 one bedroom units plus Jr Villa units). We assume Luxxe units will be located in between the corners. We have not heard how many there will be, but we can speculate from Don's photos.
August 18, 2009
Mickey and Carol were vacationing in Riviera Maya and emailed us photos of the Luxxe Models. They commented that we have not posted any photos of the Luxxe Models and offered their photos for all to see. Very nice gesture, very thoughtful gesture and we thank them for thinking about all of us.

Also, about that "Soft Opening"? We heard from one of our friends at Member Services that safety is the biggest concern at the Nuevo property now. We were told that although the Luxxe Tower may be suitable for use as early as February 2010, areas around the tower may be rough.

It seems everyone (members and company representatives) is anxious to see the tower open. But it also seems that cooler heads are thinking the proposition of a "Soft Opening" through and taking into consideration the not so obvious issues for the protection of guests. That's OK with us!
August 10, 2009
Don and his family contributed another set of photos. This one shows the Grand Luxxe Villa and Grand Luxxe Jr Villa models at the Nuevo Vallarta property. It took us a while to post Don's photos, and we thank you all for your patience.
August 5, 2009
One of our sharp-eyed viewers caught a typo. Instead of the "Soft Opening" occurring in 2009, as we had unfortunately stated, the actual year will be 2010.

All we have to say is "Thank You". Without such input we would have a date that makes no sense!

We are all looking forward to the Soft Opening, which will be followed sometime later by a Grand Opening. We, as Luxxe owners are excited to hear about this continued progress.

Grand Bliss and Bliss owners are looking forward to the opening of their new facilities as well! Stay tuned!

Finally, thanks again to Don and his family for sharing additional photos of the Luxxe Model at Nuevo Vallarta. We will be posting within the next couple of days.
July 27, 2009
We heard from Bob, who recently spoke with a Grupo Mayan representative. According to this person, there will be a soft opening of the Grand Luxxe tower in February 2010. That is great news for all the members who have been patiently waiting to see the building be finished. Thanks Bob and Helen.
July 22, 2009
Don and his family returned from Nuevo Vallarta on June 28 or so and let us know they have some great pictures of the changes taking place at the Nuevo Vallarta property. They are simply great! Take a look at the Construction at NV page for these interesting shots of the changing property.
July 17, 2009
Humor is all around us.

We appreciate nudges, like "where's the beef lady?". That question led us to a new link. Thank you YouTube!

Take a look. The Wendy's ad was terrific and asks where's the value in what I just bought? Can you ask that question before opening your wallet?
July 8, 2009
Daniel Omar Chevez is a very accomplished individual. He is not only very smart, having been educated at Rice and Stanford Universities, he is also an accomplished tennis player. Having worked for Hines in Houston, a highly respected real estate development firm, McKinsey in consulting capacities and Goldman Sachs in an analytical capacity, Mr. Daniel Omar Chevez headed the development team of the Luna Blanca at Rocky Point, which is a luxury beach front condominium project that is associated with Seven Oceans Real Estate. You can read more in the Delia by Luna Blanca Resorts Website.
July 4, 2009
We all know that Grupo Mayan / Grupo Vidanta Resorts is managing a number of construction projects throughout Mexico. Their resorts are located in seven very popular cities in Mexico, including Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Mazatlan, San Jose del Cabo, Puerto Penasco and Riviera Maya.

At the Acapulco location, we were told that a Grand Bliss / Bliss building is under construction. A new building (Grand Bliss) is under construction at Puerto Penasco. The Riviera Maya Mayan property has plans for building Grand Luxxe and Grand Bliss / Bliss buildings. Grand Luxxe and Bliss buildings are under construction at the Nuevo Vallarta Mayan property.

So far, we have not heard anything about the Mansions of the World or Albatross Golf, other than the Nayar Golf Course could be finished by late 2009.

We would be pleased and honored if you would share your photos of and insight to any projects that are under construction at the various locations. You can reach us at infoaboutus at aimfair.com.
July 2, 2009
You might want to check out the Construction at NV page for an update on the status of the Nuevo Vallarta Mayan property