This is a help page.

Tips on Googlemaps.

The googlemap feature works in three ways.

type=item - marks a spot on a map as belonging to a wiki page, tracker item or blog. This kind of map displays only one marker (and can be hidden)

type=objectlist - displays all the markers.

type=locator - a map with no marker (you can start this way to find a location, then write down the latitude (x) and longitude (y) and zoom (z). Edit the page again to put these numbers in your in the plugin parameters, and change the type to "item".

Thus you can put the googlemap plugin in a bunch of pages to "mark" them all.

Locator type

{GOOGLEMAP(type="locator",mode="hybrid",width="400",height="300",name="LocateExample",frameborder="0",locateitemtype="wiki page",defaultx="-105.2401",defaulty="20.6479",defaultz="15",setdefaultxyz="0")}{GOOGLEMAP}