Fundacion Grupo Vidanta

Welocme to Fundacion Grupo Vidanta

May 18, 2009

In addition to owning and developing real estate and operating one of the leading hospitality companies in Mexico, Grupo Vidanta assumed the operation and continuation of the Fundacion Grupo Mayan. It is now called Fundacion Grupo Vidanta. The following link The Fundacion Grupo Vidanta Home page describes the mission and objectives of what appears to be a very impressive organization.

The foundation took Fundacion Grupo Vidanta name on May 1, 2008 from the Grupo Mayan, which originally formed and funded the organization. According to the foundation's web page, the purpose of the foundation is to promote science and culture for the common good. To our thinking, their sponsorship of such an organization demonstrates the owners' commitment to give back some of their good fortune out their respect for and pride in their culture and country.

Here is more history on Fundacion Grupo Vidanta.