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We copied this page from the following link: Fundacion Delia Moran: http://www.grupovidanta.com/-fdm.html Note: The link is no longer active. In its place is the following: http://fundaciondeliamoran.org/. This link is active and provides a new, detailed account of the Fundacion Delia Moran.

FundaciĆ³n Delia Moran

In 2002, Fundacion Delia Moran A.C. was created in honor of a beloved community teacher that dedicated her life to helping Mexican children survive the constant battle many face with poverty and ignorance. In each location where Grupo Vidanta properties are built, shelter homes for children have been or will be established.

The company also contributes to the local communities in a variety of ways by donating food, clothing, shelter, education, as well as medical and psychological services. The main goal behind this foundation is to ensure that these children grow up in a healthy environment, while they hone the abilities necessary to become responsible and productive guests of society.

Interestingly, there may be plans in place to fund the construction of a home for children, which would be part of the Casa Hogar organization, located at Jarretadera. Jarretaderas is the town that borders the back nine holes of the Niklaus designed Nayar Golf course.

We do not know who Delia Moran is, but she or someone with her name took a photograph of the Mar de Cortes airport from the air.

One other philanthropic organization associated with Grupo Vidanta is FundaciĆ³n Vidanta: http://www.grupovidanta.com/philanthropy. Interesting to say the least!