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Current News contains "heads-up" news about what is happening at properties owned by Grupo Vidanta, with Grupo Vidanta, and announcements. Basically, Current News could be anything fellow Members or viewers might think is relevant to fellow Members. Updates to Current News originate from within Aimfair.com and viewers of Aimfair.com who send their post to infoaboutus@aimfair.com.

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2020-07-07 Presidents of Mexico and US meet at the White House

Trump and AMLO to dine Wednesday night, and Señor Daniel Chavez has been invited too..

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2020-06-30 Amazing Cirque du Soleil - Riviera Maya - Video

All Vidanta locations open July 2, 2020. Not sure if that applies to the Cirque du Soleil show, but based on the recent video produced by Vidanta, the Joya theater and Cirque du Soleil show offers a wonderful presentation.

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2020-06-27 Estates Jalisco Division - Update

There are a number of changes that are taking place at the Jalisco Estates Development. Among them are new Pods, new configurations and an expanding Central Plaza. Work has continued during the pandemic, but there is much more to do before November, 2020....

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2020-06-23 Beach Club - Nuevo Vallarta

The area between the south end of the Grand Bliss pool and Costa del Sol restaurant is under construction. The Mayan Palace pools are gone and will be replaced by a series of smaller pools. Shopping space and restaurants have replaced the Havana Moon. Much will be changed the next time you visit Nuevo Vallarta. Stay tuned....

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2020-06-05 Coronavirus Update - Mexico

Although cases reported in Mexico are on the rise - Mostly in the central areas of the country. However, concerns are rising, as indicated in this article. Stay tuned and stay vigilant....

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2020-04-20 Coronavirus Update - Puerto Vallarta

Reportedly, 9 of 21 cases in Puerto Vallarta are healthcare workers. Puerto Vallarta’s social distancing and closures of gathering places is less restrictive than Nuevo Vallarta and Nayarit....

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2020-04-07 Sayulita and Nayarit Message to Easter Vacationers - Stay Home….

The Governor of Nayarit has imposed strict directives that have closed all the hotels in Nayarit and required citizens to use best practices to keep the coronavirus from spreading. It seems to be working. Locals are not allowing people inside their communities if they don’t live there. Reported cases as of April 5 - 9; reported deaths - 1. Nayarit seems to be doing a great job containing the spread of the virus. Keep it up so we can all return soon....

2020-03-23 Coronavirus - Another Point of View

A Stanford Biophysicist and Nobel Laureate winner has been studying data on COVID-19 worldwide and, in particular China. Conclusion: Maintain social distances, keeping sanitizer close by, covering a cough with an elbow and other good practices will reduce the spread and impact of the virus. Maybe over a shorter period of time than we think. Good practices are implemented at the resort now too. Stay tuned and stay vigilant....

2020-03-21 Estates Update - Central Plaza Area and Other Construction

The Estates Division is building a sizable development in Jalisco. There is a “Pod” that may be used as a Soft Opening facility in November or December, 2020. Vidanta Sales state the facilities will open with all amenities. Based upon the current state of construction, it will be a major accomplishment if this happens. Stay tuned....

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2020-03-18 Coronavirus Update - March 18, 2020 - Mexico

Cases are up to 93 in Mexico. Stay tuned and stay vigilant....

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