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Current News contains "heads-up" news about what is happening at properties owned by Grupo Vidanta, with Grupo Vidanta, and announcements. Basically, Current News could be anything fellow Members or viewers might think is relevant to fellow Members. Updates to Current News originate from within Aimfair.com and viewers of Aimfair.com who send their post to infoaboutus@aimfair.com.

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Headlines of Current News Posts:

2020-09-10 Should you travel to Mexico?

An SFGate article asks the same question many of us are now asking ourselves - Should I book a trip to Mexico? What do you think?.... Stay tuned....

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2020-09-09 New Videos From Vidanta

Management and staff members put in place highly effective safety measures to protect themselves and guests from coronavirus infections. The videos provide insight to what the measures are and how they are being used. Although they are professionally done as a marketing tool, they do get the message across.....

2020-09-03 Why testing is important...

According to the data in the following article, testing for Coronavirus is critical. Why? Studies show that a significant percentage of tested individuals test positive and are asymptomatic. Accordingly, such individuals may spread the disease and not know it. All the more reason each of us must take personal responsibility our activities and interaction with others. Be alert and stay well….!

2020-08-12 Estates 4 BR Preview of Interior

Our fist glimpse - interior of the 4 BR Estates. Big Thank You to An Aimfair member for sharing with us....

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2020-08-05 Models - Kingdom of the Sun and Cascades

Cascades and Kingdom of the Sun models - similar in size to the Mayan Palace and Grand Mayan.

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2020-08-04 More on Koala

Koala officially launched on August 3, 2020. Let's see how it goes....

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2020-08-01 Coronavirus Update - Mexico

Covid-19 in Mexico - Update from Mexico News Daily.

2020-07-22 Go-Koala - A New Peer to Peer Timeshare Only Rental Platform

Koala and other new platforms are opening doors to timeshare rentals. This New York Times article provides names, and it differentiates between what appear to be very good platforms that specialize in different demographics.

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2020-07-21 Coronavirus Protection - Airline measures taken to keep passengers safe...

The New York Times published and overview of select airlines and their current practices.....

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2020-07-14 Grand Bliss Sky Dream Station - a new mound of dirt

There is a new mound of dirt next to the Grand Bliss Godola Station. Who knows....?

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