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Currency Conversion, Local Time and Weather

What's the Current Exchange Rate, Local Time and Local Weather?

There are times when we want to know the current exchange rate of US dollars to Mexican pesos or vice versa. To accommodate our Canadian friends, we decided to include the Canadian dollar too.

So, we decided to put this important tool in one place...here. The rates are actual trading rates as reported on http://www.likeforex.com/.
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Furthermore, someone asked what time it was at one of the property locations. The question appeared in the Owners Forum. So, we decided to post local time and weather as well.

Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point)
San Jose del Cabo

Nuevo Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta
Playa Paraiso, Riviera Maya

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Buenos Aires, Argentina

These weather maps are fun and expand when you click on them. They provide up to 8 days of weather. Press the Esc key to reduce them to their original small size. Please note - the stated time in the weather maps for Mazatlan is ahead of the real time by 1 hour. It may appear in San Jose del Cabo as well.

Please note: Each screen presents a simulation of the time of day and weather as of the date shown on the screen. A dark, or dark blue or black weather screen simulates the night. Lightening is displayed during thunderstorms. Click on the screen to enlarge it to see the screen in greater detail. Also, the clocks show the actual time in the different locations.
We know, way too much information....but lots of fun, and cool!