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Another Hurricane Review - A TripAdvisor Member

October 27, 2015

TripAdvisor reviews of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club are interesting. Many are very complementary. One recent review could not stand Nuevo Vallarta - the guest is a Marriott Resort exchanger on his honeymoon.

But, that is not the reason for this post. The person who wrote the following post is a National Sales Manager and agreed to attend the sales presentation so she could be upgraded from a Mayan Palace to a Grand Luxxe during the same week Hurricane Patricia was to arrive. Following is an abridged version of this person's review:
Review date: October 25, 2015 - The day after Patricia passes Nuevo Vallarta

......The important part of this post, and the best compliments I can give to Vidanta, is how amazingly the resort responded to the largest Pacific storm in History! Hurricane Patricia came out of nowhere, and mega morphed to a Cat 5 in frightening speed. The hotel's Risk Managment had such a well-oiled response, it was if they did evacuations for 3,000 people on a weekly basis. They took a terrifying potential, and made everyone feel safe, and well accounted for. Truly a stellar & humbling experience!!!! It was during these hours, that I realized that this is the reason you would buy here, as everyone we met treated us like family. Of interesting note, NOT ONE sales person was to be found or seen assisting anyone during this scary experience. Tells me exactly what I suspected, they are inauthentic, unconnected & not heart felt to the property and/or to the staff that serves their selfish pursuits. Important to note that I am a National VP of Sales for my work, so love sales, and appreciate the opportunities it has allowed me to experience in life, mainly great relationships. These folks sell widgets, not the relationship, experience, the amazing staff or beautiful grounds that Grand Luxx has to offer.

Special shout outs of recognition goes to:

Antonio (Joy squad)- Words cannot describe his beautiful spirit, kindness, and love of serving others. His aid to others during the evacuation was unmatchable- he went above & beyond in every way- he is one of Vidanta's BEST asset.

Lizbeth- was a great ceviche teacher, and adorably kind in every way.

Carlos @ Havana Moon- awesome dinner & service- he made our night!

Isabelle- our fantastic housekeeping - turndowns, coffee pods, chocolates, and a wonderfully kept room.

Albino- Luxxe Pool bar - made sure we knew of every happy hour 2x1 drink specials! Great service!

Miguel @ Sweet Paris - he made our day each morning, with his great smile, and knew our coffee order after one day!

In short, very long review, come for the grounds, luxury, service, and ease- you won't be disappointed, as you will be welcomed & treated as family. Only wish the Sales folks were trained as well as all the hotel staff.

Read the entire post here: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g154267-d2045818-r321686670-Grand_Luxxe_Nuevo_Vallarta-Nuevo_Vallarta_Pacific_Coast.html#

Again, another very good review that complemented the staff for the way everyone handled the emergency.

It is truly remarkable that the comments from guests who experienced the event felt very comfortable in light of the circumstances. Kudos all around!

As it relates to the reviewer's comment about the absense of sales staff to lend a hand during the emergency, it appears the reviewer comes from a different sales environment. It is very difficult...no, impossible....to build a lasting relationship with clients in the short time the sales person gives his or her presentation. The pressure to close something is always present in the timeshare sales cycle, whereas the pressure may not be as great in the reviewer's sales cycle. Different processes completely.

Importantly, there were no negative comments. Instead, there was respect for the training and process.

The Patricia incident is over. We are confident in the way staff will handle another, if and when it comes. We will all.....stay tuned!
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