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Wendy posted a review of their experience...

at the Grand Luxxe in March. Interesting reading and very similar to others who have taken time to share. We thought it would be worthwhile to post her comments in the Current News page because of the helpful information her post contains.


May 17, 2010
My husband and I only got a couple of days at the property, but my parents were there for two weeks. Here are the notes she just sent to me.

Check list Grand Luxxe

(1) Check in service a delight, no hassle its as if you are the only people to arrive at that given time,a welcome drink which you can take back up to your room as things move very swift.

(2) In the lock off you receive a fruit plate,along with plates knife & fork plus napkins. Our next door neighboring the suite, said that they received a fruit.candy cookie basket along with a bottle of wine.

(3) Laundry room on each floor you buy a credit card with a deposit,this you turn back at the end of stay. To use the laundry its 65 pesos this includes soap & softener.they even have a basket so you can transfer wet garments with dropping on the spotless floor.

(4) Room service fantastic see below for menu,

(5) Turn down service with chocolates our lady was Maria she looks after 8th & 9th floor very helpful looking forward to our return in August.

(6) Lovely bath robes with comfy slippers

(7) Bath tub takes two, but look out when using the oil.........

(8) They have a scale so you can check if you are gaining weight wile on vacation.

(9) You get the usual soap, shampoo, lotion, body wash plus a white nylon sponge , & hair dryer.

(10) Do not have to bring a night light as they have one that glows under the bathroom sinks.

(11) Padded coat hangers for anything delicate.

(12) Mid morning: Popsicles , eye glasses cleaned, cold towels. (we have put in a suggestion for the popsicles to come around again at 3 pm

(13) Hammock hold two people, but what they need to do is take the one out from the lock off and put in two chairs.

(14) The lobby bar in the evening has some neat music, we would sit and have a cup of tea after going out for dinner.

(15) Havana Moon food very good neat place to go on a Saturday evening, wile having dinner you can enjoy the music from the wedding plus some times good entertainment.

(16) Boat taxi 150 pesos one way 250 return

(17) Not two sure about the maids doing dishes a few of the ladies I spoke with said they are under the impression that you do your own or pay an extra fee like you do in the Grand. That one has to be re checked.

(18) Check out a breeze dad said its the easiest he has ever done, plus its rather nice to sit in the lounge wile this is going on...

Back to room service
Fresh squeezed juice 45
Veg.cran.or apple 55
Fruit plate 55
With cottage cheese or Yogurt,honey & granola 65
Cheese plate with dried fruits 170
Cereals ect 55/70
Sweet roll basket 60
Hot cakes 95
Belgium waffles 95
French toast 80
Side orders
Ham or turkey ham smoked or turkey bacon,sausage hash browns. 45
2 eggs 90
3 egg omelet with 3 choices 99
Spanish tortilla 99
Eggs Benedict 115
Mexican breakfast 90/110

Lunch and Dinner
Salads 85 /165
Appetizers 105/175
Soups 75
Sandwiches 85/130
Pasta 85
Salmon filet 155
Shrimp Ajilla 155
Catch of the day 160
Rock Cornish hen 205
Rack of lamb 390
Rib eye 12 oz 545
New York 12 oz 345
Filet 8 oz 220

I had the Tuna sandwich, the fish would have served two people it was almost an inch thick, and cut into two large filets.along with onions and fried potato's. Dad had the Cornish hen which he really enjoyed..

May 8, 2010
I am an owner. I have just returned from Luxxe in NV.

This is what I know:

Top notch staff are working at the building. They took their top 10% and trained them further. They can not do enough for you.

Heating capability in pools. Very nice upgrade.

'You don't have to worry about pool towel cards. The towels are on the chairs everyday and are replaced throughout the day.''

The cement that they used for the pool deck area is fantastic, it doesn't get hot, so when you walk out of the pool you don't have to try and find your shoes at the edge, you can walk around in bare feet with no problem.

Between 12 - 12:30 everyday, a pool area staff member brings around a cooler with homemade juice popsicles - amazing taste and a nice cool treat everyday. Although it does look like the seals over at the marina when the guy comes out with the cooler, as everyone follows him to the edge of the pool waiting for their treat!

Then as you are relaxing on your lounge a staff member comes over and cleans your glasses for you.

A little later on you get a nice ice cold face cloth given to you that has a lovely citrus scent. Very refreshing.

Cafe Del Lago has been upgraded with lovely terraces, it looks like at some point it will be a Grand Luxxe restaurant only.

The Blue Fish cafe is excellent. The shrimp/crab burger is fantastic as are the paninni's and salads. They also serve amazing chips/salsa with every meal, including sweet potato chips.

There is music every evening in the lounge area. One night violin, piano, sax etc. Very good talent and a nice coffee area and lounge bar to enjoy.

Every floor has a washer/dryer area.

Check in is smooth, efficient and includes a nice cool drink to sip on.

I don't believe that the ability to pre-order supplies for your room is ready yet, but it is supposed to be coming soon.

The 2nd building has been capped off and in fact they have started to put windows/doors in. It is expected to open in November.

The 3rd building is beginning to be poured and I think scheduled opening is late spring of 2011.

There are two new restaurants off the property. If you walk to the Sea Garden (or get a golf cart to take you to Sea Garden if you find the 10 minute walk to long). Then cross the street. To the right of the OXXO store (if you are facing the store) at the end of the bridge is a large white condo building (maybe 4 stories high) with shops and restaurants.

One restaurant is Portabello's, which is an italian restaurant that is also in Marina Vallarta. We didn't get a chance to eat there but heard through the pool scuttlebut that it was excellent.

The second restaurant is Prime 159. It is excellent. Service is fantastic and the food is top notch. Steaks, pork chops, fish, chicken, lots of sides, nice wine list and truly a lovey dinner. Also they have daily specials now, including wings, etc. If you go on Trip Advisor.com you can find the reviews and also a list of specials.

This is what we have been told:

Second tower will have the 40,000 sq.ft. SPA.

There will be 7 restaurants that are for Luxxe only.

More of the pools will be heated.

They are now including a small kitchenette (microwave/fridge) in the suite lock off units.

They are going to have a type of Marche restaurant at building 1, where you can grab salads, sandwiches, breakfast items etc. to take to your room, or to the pool area.

All in all it looks like the wait has been worth is. We bought our unit off a grainy photocopy and it has been a long time coming, but glad we're able to now enjoy.


Thanks so much for the time you have put in to this review, Wendy....

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