CN Mar132010 Brenda Update

March 13, 2010

Brenda's Update

We are at the end of our first of three weeks in Riviera Maya. We were last here in January 2008. The resort is beautiful with the vegetation very lush. Attached is a photo from our Grand Mayan room. At check-in we, too, were escorted to a separate lobby area. We were handed mimosas and seated. Erikka gave us our member update invitation and told us about the travel services. Jose checked us in and we were then escorted to our room.

We attended a 'member update' on Wednesday and toured the model. The model is located on the beach and is of course beautiful. We haven't visited the construction site and are planning to later in our stay. Reg, the 'project manager' told us that all his workers are on the Grand Luxxe project so that it will be completed by November 2010. We were also told that all the Grand Luxxe contracts at all the resorts were sold out. (Of course, this is impossible to verify).

Jack Legoun was our sales presenter. Our contract for 2+2 from 2009 in NV was written as two 1+1 contracts so we had not received any mailings from Grupo Maya. He told us at the 'member update' that the Mexican government is shutting down the airport resort "OPCs" by June 30, 2010. The new marketing strategy, we were told, was with Global Marketing for the next 25 years and is centered on golfers. Global Marketing brings golfers to the resorts. Grupo Maya will use GL weeks to exchange for Grand Bliss units for the golfers which apparently are a high success rate for sales of Grand Bliss. Grupo Maya wants Grand Luxxe owners to sell some of their weeks back to the company for $4000/week guaranteed, plus profit sharing. The profit sharing portion is equal to the maintenance fee and deposited into an escrow account that is used to pay for maintenance fees. The requirement, however, is that only certificate weeks, not registered or vacation fair weeks, can be used in this program. Also with certificate weeks there is a 100 year contract with a renovation fee every 10 years of 1/2 maintenance fee for every certificate week. There is no longer any renewal fee every 25 years. There are no elite weeks, however, this is based on availability.

We did upgrade our 2+2 to 4 certificate weeks plus we got 2 "member" weeks to use for the next 10 years, The member weeks are not renewable. I read the contract for the certificate weeks and it is similar to the old 2+2 contract. There is one provision that I caught that others should be aware. Requests for February and March can only be made 45 days in advance for the first 10 years of the contract, then it reverts to the normal 12 months for half of the members weeks. This is only for reserving Grand Luxxe units, not any other units. We have a Profile A++ membership, so we have 12 month advance reservation on all our weeks.

Sincerely, Brenda