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What Julie and her husband Joe are having to endure:

February 27, 2010

Hello everyone,

Just want to let you know we have been staying in the luxxe villa NV for the last 11 days and my husband and I are amazed of the level of service the company has brought the Luxxe property up to.

Check in is very personal service. We received our keys and were brought up to our floor and introduced to the concierge. He took us to our villa and showed us the way everything worked in the apartment and asked us when we wanted our coffee delivered in the morning he even asked us if he could help us unpack and put our things away.

Also the time we wanted our turn down service and morning maid service. We wondered if the time we gave them and the service would actually happen and it did. The next morning coffee came, delivered by a big smile and a well dressed and polite concierge.

Everything from big white fluffy towels and house coats to die for and white terry slippers, your every need is looked after.

Pool side service is wonderful. There are lounge chairs and cabana beds everywhere. The chairs have very soft cushions on the backs plus a roll pillow for your neck, and every chair has another big fluffy towel.

The staff around the pool come and ask if you want your sunglasses cleaned and later bring you home made different flavor popsicles and then later still ice cold face clothes that smell like lemon. It is truly amazing service.

At night down stairs by the bar there is always music, a violin player or a piano player or a saxophone, it is different every night, but because the inside is hollow, the sound travels through the whole building.

We all have bought a wonderful place to stay on our vacations.

My husband and I have been to many places around the world in 5+ hotels and never have been given the level of service the Grand Luxxe gives. Enjoy!

Wow! What a review. Have a great time during the remainder of your trip!

Thank you for sharing with us, Julie and Joe....

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