CN April62010

More construction, more excitement....

for those who are staying in the Grand Luxxe I Tower and new restaurants. Sean has just returned from a cruise and spent time at the Nuevo Vallarta Grand Luxxe Villa. He sent us all photos that show the property in its current light. The pad for the third Luxxe Tower, which we heard some time ago from John that this tower will be called Luxxe Punta. One never knows, however, because change can occur in an instant.

Earlier this month, Dale told us about the Nayar Golf Course photos he found on Jack Niklaus' web page. Maybe a day later, Ross sent us the entire list of photos. We have posted them on a new page called Nayar Golf Course, which is the name of the course at the Nuevo Vallarta property. Lots of fine golfers are waiting for the course to open. So are a lot of not so fine golfers, like me!

A couple of new restaurants have opened and gained immediate popularity. Reid, Dana, Dale and Nancy returned from their trip to Nuevo and "Loved" Fajita Republic, liked the new restaurant called Prime 159 and Portobello and had only luke warm things to say about the resort restaurants. The important note to keep in mind about this group is they had young children with them. So, from their point of view, Fajita Republic was the best.

A nice comparison of what other travelers say about their favorite restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta, check out Trip Advisor's list of their top 22 picks. Very interesting from our point of view.
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