Vidanta Elegant in Puerto Vallarta Marina - November 8, 2020

Vidanta Elegant Arrives in Puerto Vallarta

November 8, 2020

The Vallarta Daily reported the arrival of Vidanta Elegant, the newly refurbished cruise ship purchased by Grupo Vidanta in April, 2017.

Given the state of the coronavirus, it is not likely cruises will be offered. If they are, then much attention will be paid to safety, social distancing and following established and strict protocols.

Here is a copy of the article:

This weekend for the first time the luxury cruise ship Vidanta Elegant arrived at Puerto Vallarta's maritime terminal.
This imposing ship, the first of the Vidanta Cruises fleet, is composed of 149 sumptuous cabins and suites, whose design offers beautiful views of the exterior. With a ratio of one crew member to each passenger as opposed to the standard one to five. Vidanta elegant will have a personal concierge for each cabin, in addition to six public decks and restaurants of different specialties to satisfy the most demanding palates; 11 original bars and lounges, an immersive entertainment area, luxurious spa and gym, a beautiful pool on the upper deck and multiple jacuzzis. With the purpose of creating incomparable gastronomic experiences Vidanta elegant will have a menu designed by two award-winning and experienced chefs: Erick Pansu named the best chef in France and Pascal Molines recognized as the best pastry chef in France and world champion. "Vidanta is proud to present a revolutionary approach to luxury cruising," said Ivan Chávez is the Vice President of Grupo Vidanta". "In 45 years we have built a legacy based on extraordinary and personalized services in our resorts and now we are expanding it to the high seas with our unique perspective and giving access to the hidden jewels of our coasts to create the most incredible vacation and cultural experiences that no other cruise ship can provide. The onboard amenities and services will ensure an unprecedented level of luxury for 298 passengers on board, an exceptional capacity compared to the industry average of 2,300. After acquiring the ship, Grupo Vidanta transformed it 100 percent from the hull making the Vidanta Elegant a brand new ship. With the participation of the world's top naval engineers and architects, including the shipping industry company, SMC Design.
For those of you who are in Nuevo Vallarta, please let us know what you find out about the plans. Certainly nothing is cast in stone today, but there may be opportunities to visit the ship and take photos. Share with us if you have the opportunity.
It has been 3 and a half years since Vidanta changed the name from Alegria to Elegant. Everythiing takes time, so stay tuned....
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