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Vida Lifestyles Program Operator - International Cruise & Exchange, Inc. - Now Arrivia

November 16, 2020

The Vida Lifestyles loyalty plan is a marketing program designed to expand transaction activity from members who bought Vidanta sponsored timeshare contracts. The plan has been administered by International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. (Ice), which is a company with more than 55 years of experience of providing and operating private brand travel solutions for its partners. Grupo Vidanta is one of those partners, and Vida Lifestyles is one of those programs.

The company is now called Arrivia. Here is the article in Perspective Magazine that describes the change:

International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. (Ice) Introduces arrivia, as Its New Corporate Name and Brand Identity

International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. (ICE), a leading global travel provider, introduced the launch of its new corporate name and brand identity, arrivia. The new name was necessitated by its extraordinary growth across all categories of travel and the recent acquisitions of SOR Technologies and WMPH Vacations.

“Our company has grown to become one of the largest travel companies in the world that focuses on turnkey, private branded loyalty programs. Our partners seek travel solutions for their customers to enhance their brand, increase loyalty and drive ancillary revenue. Our new corporate identity better reflects our current capabilities and future direction,” says Mike Nelson, arrivia’s CEO.

“Our new identity is a travel-inspired wordmark and is the combination of two words: arrive and via, which is rooted in the Latin definition by way or path. The visual design showcases a location marker representing travel destinations, said Jeff Zotara, Chief Marketing Officer for arrivia. We are well positioned in the marketplace to capitalize on more than 55 years of combined company experience under one brand and are excited about our future.”

arrivia has successfully diversified and scaled its service offerings through partnering with some of the best brands in travel. The company uses points and alternative currencies to provide pricing opacity that allow it to secure the lowest prices on all forms of travel: cruise, resort, hotel, rental car, air and activities. Its business partners offer these extraordinary prices to their customers under their brand.

arrivia is investing heavily in product and technology to ensure its partners have the most sophisticated loyalty solutions and their customers enjoy the lowest prices and the best user experience. From a full-suite of travel products to powerful analytics, arrivia makes every interaction with a customer meaningful which helps drive more value and engagement for its partners.

About arrivia:

With more than 55 years of combined company experience, arrivia is a global travel company specializing in providing an array of private branded travel solutions to its partners. Arrivia offers loyalty solutions in 20+ languages and 40+ currencies from 13 global offices with in-house fulfillment. Their travel and loyalty solutions are used by large scale blue-chip global brands including American Express, USAA and Marriott Vacations Worldwide. Learn more about arrivia at www.arrivia.com
Although we have not used the program for a couple of years, perhaps many of you have. There are many great deals offered through the program. The challenge is getting what you request. It is a race to see which member gets selected to have the opportunity to buy the chosen item, and the more popular the item, the greater the odds are against success.

Regardless, if you do use Vida Lifestyles opportunities, then don't be surprised when you see correspondence from Arrivia, not Ice.
Loyalty programs are terrific! Vida Lifestyles has many great offers. Arrivia is the new name for the administrator of the program.
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