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COVID-19 Infections in Mexico - Update - June 3, 2020

June 5, 2020

After a few days less than 3 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc throughout the world. Little did we know when we left on March 14, 2020, after a wonderful week in Nuevo Vallarta, that the next three months would be filled with tragic loss of life, sheltering in our homes for three months and continuing uncertainty about new spikes in Coronavirus cases the coming months.

This article that appeared in Mexico News Daily describes the frustration Mexican health officials are experiencing now as the number of cases continues to rise in specific areas in Mexico.

InterestinglyFor those of us who enjoy visiting Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, the number of cases of new Coronavirus and deaths caused by this virus are relatively low. Currently active cases in Nayarit are 179 and 790 in Jalisco. These compare with 16,829 reportedly active cases in Mexico as of Wednesday, June 3, 2020. Nearly one third of currently active cases are in the areas of Mexico City and Edo.

While Vidanata has current plans to open all resorts on July 3, we need to understand that plans may change based upon local health directives stemming from case activity in each local. That said, Vidanta is ready to open and has in place protocols designed to prevent the spread of the virus within the confines of the resorts. The large Vidanta properties may provide significant barriers that prevent the spread of this mysterious virus.

Active coronavirus cases as of Wednesday evening. Active coronavirus cases as of Wednesday evening. MILENIO

Covid-19 death numbers spike after earlier fatalities confirmed caused by virus
A record high of 3,912 new cases were registered on Wednesday


As Mexico’s coronavirus case tally surged past 100,000 on Wednesday more than 1,000 additional deaths were reported after fatalities dating back as far as April were confirmed to have been caused by Covid-19.

The federal Health Ministry reported that 101,238 people have tested positive for Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic with a record high of 3,912 new cases registered on Wednesday.

Director of Epidemiology José Luis Alomía told a press conference that the coronavirus death toll had risen to 11,729, an increase of 1,092 fatalities – more than double the previous high for a single day.

It was the first time that the number of coronavirus fatalities reported on one day in Mexico was higher than the number recorded in the United States, which has the world’s highest Covid-19 death toll.

Deputy Health Minister Hugo López-Gatell explained that the large spike in fatalities came after a committee of medical specialists confirmed that deaths of patients who weren’t tested for Covid-19 were in fact caused by the disease and subsequently reported those fatalities to authorities.

Covid-19 death toll as of Wednesday evening. MILENIO

After 501 Covid-19 fatalities were reported on a single day in late May, López-Gatell said that not all of the deaths reported on a particular day occurred in the preceding 24 hours.

He reiterated that point at Wednesday night’s press coronavirus press conference, presenting a graph that showed that some of the 1,092 additional fatalities reported occurred in April and a large number of them occurred in May.

“As you can see there are some (deaths) from very old dates like this one from April 15. … In the past 20 or 25 days there are several (fatalities) that have had a slow path to the registry for different reasons,” López-Gatell said.

The deputy minister predicted that more “bundles” of between 500 and 1,000 fatalities will be reported in the coming days as the specialist medical committee analyzes more deaths that were suspected to have been caused by Covid-19 but which have not yet been confirmed.

Earlier in the press briefing, Alomía said that there are currently 948 such deaths.

Based on confirmed Covid-19 deaths and cases, Mexico’s fatality rate is 11.6 per 100 cases, almost double the global rate of 5.9.

The daily death tally includes fatalities that occurred previously but were only just confirmed. MILENIO

In addition to the more than 100,000 confirmed cases, there are currently 44,869 suspected cases across the country, while more than 303,000 people have now been tested for Covid-19.

Alomía said that 16,829 of the confirmed cases – one in six – are considered active, a decrease of 111 compared to Tuesday.

Mexico City, which has now recorded more than 3,000 confirmed Covid-19 deaths, has the largest active coronavirus outbreak in the country, with 3,591 cases.

México state follows with just over 2,000 active cases while Tabasco has the third largest active outbreak, with 957.

President López Obrador said Wednesday that the Valley of México metropolitan area, which includes Mexico City and several México state municipalities, and Tabasco, were the areas of most concern to authorities.

Every state in the country except Zacatecas was allocated a “red light” on the federal government’s stoplight system to determine which coronavirus restrictions can be lifted and where but people’s mobility across the country has nevertheless increased, according to data presented by the Health Ministry.

The government will announce updated stoplight colors for each of Mexico’s 32 federal entities on Friday.

Source: Milenio (sp), El Universal (sp)

We are looking forward to our next trip in November and trust the spread of the virus will be curtailed by then. If not, we cancel and wait for the next opportunity to travel. In the meantime, stay healthy and stay tuned....
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