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Construction at Grupo Vidanta's Nuevo Vallarta Property

October 6, 2011

Gary III and his wife, Darlene returned from vacationing at the Grand Luxxe in Nuevo Vallarta and have shared a number of photos with us.

Also, Gary III sent us his comments for us to post. Here is what he had to say:

Bob and Mary Ann,

Just returned from Nuevo Vallarta Grand Luxxe Villas. Had a nice room on the seventh floor Southwest side (ocean side) of Tower I. We prefer the East side as the afternoon sun is not as hot, but this time of year it doesn't make much difference. We were in room 7737/7739. The room number code is: Tower I (7), floor seven (7), rooms 37 (lockoff) and 39 (Main Villa). Odd numbered rooms are on the pool/ocean side and even number rooms are on the bay side in Tower I. Tower II has this reversed.

We had a wonderful week and met some old friends Ellis and Peggy from Louisiana and some new ones Jim and Jerry from Pennsylvania. While we were there they had a banquet in the lobby restaurant of Tower I for the Governor of Nayarit . They spent three days getting it ready.

I have uploaded some pictures to Flickr for you or anyone to look at and down load. I have started to label them, but that takes a while. There are pictures of the construction going on. They show the status of the train station, many shots of Luxxe Towers 3 and 4, Luxxe Punta building, some work on the pool extension in front of Luxxe Tower I plus several shots taken on the behind the scenes tour (called "Back of the House tour").

Anyone can go to the ref web site and look at the pictures and copy them if desired.

The new towers show a different balcony style for the lockoff room. Also when we looked at the models of the Grand Luxxe Villa lockoff room on the marketing model rooms (9th floor of the Grand Bliss), it appears the the lockoff has been redesigned so that the bedroom portion is enlarged and includes a siting/ tv viewing area, and the bathroom is moved to eliminate the old separate sitting room. I referred to this area in the present tower 1 and 2 buildings as the living room / kitchen area. It made it nice if one wanted to sleep and the other wanted to read or watch TV. I don't know if the refer, microwave etc is in the newly enlarged sitting area or not. I failed to register this change until I was already gone. You can tell that the balconies on the new lockoff are different if you study the pictures.


Thank you for your update Gary III. Yes, after looking at your photos, the exterior for the Grand Luxxe Jr. Villa configuration in Grand Luxxe Towers 3 and 4 does appear to be different from Tower 2. Clearly they are different buildings all together, so there is a strong likelihood that the exterior decks could be different as well. We will have to wait until Grand Luxxe Towers 3 and 4 open before we know for sure. Unless, that is we can get a sneak preview.....

You can view Gary III's photos here as well. They are very interesting and fun! Just click, and you will be taken to his photos.

Thanks again, Gary III and Darlene....

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