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Preparing For Hurricane Jova

October 13, 2011

Wendy's Update

The storm did not do any damage. There was rain but not much else. This was a non-event relative to the Category 4 Hurricane she experienced in Cuba.

Mayan Palace Demolition Oct 12 2011
One thing Wendy did report that is new - it appears the entire Mayan Palace at Nuevo Vallarta will be demolished. Based upon Wendy's photo, it seems other parts of the Mayan Palace building are part of the demolition as well. However, as we all know, only time will tell. It would not be surprising to see two of the three Mayan Palace buildings remain standing. The Mayan Palace is a popular place for many to stay.

If the entire building is to be demolished, Wendy pondered why management did not simply implode the building as they did with original Red, Yellow and Blue Mayan Palace buildings closest to the beach.

Our guess is liability....too close to guests. We are sure there are many other reasons for the decision to demolish the building in a "piece meal" way as well, although Wendy's suggestion would certainly be more expedient if in fact the entire building is coming down.

Oh well, it all speculation. So, as we say, stay tuned...

Thank you Wendy....

October 11, 2011

Wendy is in Nuevo Vallarta as we speak and wants to share her experiences with us.

Yesterday, she said management at each hotel would be spending the night in order to be on hand to help deal with events that occur when Jova reaches shore.

She also sent us a number of photos of the Grand Luxxe Punta building, surrounding property, the beach area where management has said will be the site for the new Grand Bliss Resort swimming pool, vies of the new reception building and views of the new Grand Luxxe towers.

Hurricane Jova is a Category 2 storm with winds up to 100 miles per hour. It made land fall at Manzanillo in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. According to the Washington Post, the storm is small but powerful. It's strength may decline as it moves inland.

From Wendy's and the other Grand Luxxe vacationers point of view, this experience will be an interesting one, mainly because it is not very often one is able to experience a hurricane in relatively safe surroundings.

Following are the photos we received from Wendy last evening.

Stay tuned.

Thank you Wendy, and be safe....