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Update from Nuevo Vallarta

November 12, 2011

We received the following update from a Grand Luxxe Residence Club member. Enjoy!

Hi, just thought I would give you an update about some of the new things happening with Vida. I will try to remember all that our member service rep told us today.

They are expanding to the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana. I believe something might be started there already. Also mentioned was the East Cape in Cabo. Working on infrastructure there.

Something that surprised me was that anyone who buys the Grande Luxxe now, buys only one location. In other words, you buy in Nuevo, that's the only place you can go. You buy in Mayan Riviera, you go there. The older contracts still stand — we can go where ever there is a Luxxe now and in the future. Also, they are only selling four week blocks, nothing less. Supposedly the four weeks in a villa is $500,000 with 16,000 yearly maintenance and four weeks in a master suit is $397,000, can't remember the maintenance. No golf and spa given with purchases any more. No senior certificates, etc.

The new locations will only have Mansions of the World (a 6 star resort), Grand Luxxe, and Grand Bliss. Don't know how they are going to do it, but we were told at Nuevo there are trying to make it one side Grand Luxxe and the other half of property, Grand Bliss and Grand Mayan. What happens to Mayan Palace is anyone's guess.

The Punta building at Nuevo is not a regular Luxxe. The top two floors are reserved for the owner Mr. Chavez and the other floors are all three bedroom units "Grand Luxxe Presidential". Just now wondering if the pools around the Punta building will be open to the regular Luxxe members. I forgot to ask. By the way, that building under construction many have been asking about between the Bliss and the Grand Mayan, that will be a sales center, to be used to sell to their very high-end customers.

Nuevo will have a new entrance off the highway (will be much quicker from the airport.) You will arrive at the entrance, board a train, and by the time you arrive at the main train station (the building under construction across from the Grand Bliss) a tram will be waiting for you. This will bring you to your room where there will be two maids and a concierge who will check you in there in your room. No more waiting around at check in.

In front of building 3, 4, 5, maybe 6 (can't remember all the details) there will be a water park complex. Three islands with pools and connecting tunnels, hot springs cascading down to cooler water. The complex will be surrounded by ponds. This will be so nice that, according to our salesman, "no Luxxe member will ever want to go over to the Grand Mayan lazy river again". They are widening the river and making a beach along it by these new buildings. Three new golf courses are planned on the other side of the river and the other side of the highway. There will be a golf academy too. Doing some sort of nature park ( the drawings, plans, etc, looked like a zip line or something on that order) in that area in and around the river and toward Puerto Vallarta.

As for the Cirque du Soleil, that will be in a complex called Celebration. In Celebration there will be shops, restaurants, an equestrian center, a theme park, casino, similar to Orlando's Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. This entire complex will be by the entrance and will be open to the public. It's not something free to us.

There are so many things in the works, it made my head spin. Some sounded too ambitious and too commercialized, too big too.

There is quite a bit of construction going on. Building three just opened today, November 11th. It was to open sooner and because of it's delay, the Luxxe was overbooked last week. People were put in the Bliss and elsewhere and some were put in building two facing mounds of dirt, constant construction and no views. The Punta building looks ready for people. Now you can walk from the building 1 Lobby elevators directly to the Punta building.

If I think of anything else, I will let you know. I am here another week, staying at the Grand Bliss and will take more pictures.

Wow! There is a lot going on. Our experience is some of the details might change but the announced plans seem to come true. If so, the Grand Luxxe Residence Club will become an increasingly popular vacation destination.

Thank you for your update. Stay tuned....

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