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Can You Believe It? Grand Luxxe III Opens Today

November 11, 2011

We did not fully understand the extent of the changes that are taking place at the Grupo Vidanta's Nuevo Vallarta vacation resort property until we saw them through photos provided by fellow members who are on site now.

Noise, construction activity, trucks, tractors, noise, all day and all night. What is the result? The good news is more space is available with the opening of the Grand Luxxe III today. The bad news is all the work is not done, which means members do not have accommodations they thought they would have when they booked their vacations a year in advance.

We are in a construction zone, there is no doubt about it. But the worst of the activity may be close to being over.

Grand Luxxe III is a new facility that opened today. Photos we received today show the extent of the new road, which is what KMACKERMANN alluded to in her November 8, 2011 post. The view of the road leading up to the fourth floor of the Grand Luxxe III.
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The road to Grand Luxxe III rises to its third floor. What happens to the Grand Luxxe II second floor guests?

The fourth floor of the Grand Luxxe Towers III, IV and V is still a mystery.  Elevated road way to the west end of Tower III.  Lower rooms have pretty limited views.  The buildings will not be complete for several months, at which time we will better understand the configuration of the buildings. The road to Grand Luxxe III and IV is higher than the road that leads to Grand Luxxe Punta, Tower I and Tower II.  This photo shows the elevation of the road and its position relative to the Grand Luxxe Tower II (right) and Tower III (left).  Rumor is the fourth floor will be shops and caves(?).  Guests will enter the building using the elevated roadway.  Changes....

We posed that question and received an answer. There is a very large amount of dirt and reinforcement to support the hill crews created to place the road in the middle of Grand Luxxe III.

So, we saw what it looks like from the outside looking in, what about the inside looking out?
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The view is definitely up and over the dirt mound. Again, not much to look at now, but we are confident things will change for the better. Its just that the first ones to experience this may be in shock.

Lower floor view at the Grand Luxxe Tower II on November 8, 2011. Image Image Image Image

We are a member supported site and want members to get the most from their prepaid vacations as they can. The photos that were sent to us by members remind us of the good old "Good News Bad News" story.

The Good News is construction is fast and furious, with new buildings opening as we speak. The Bad News is construction is fast and furious, with new buildings opening as we speak.

Yes, Grupo Vidanta is living up to their word that buildings will open and Grand Luxxe members will have places to stay. Grand Luxxe III has opened before any of us thought would be possible, given the photos of the buildings that we have posted.

Unfortunately, synchronizing demand for units with supply of units may not work as planned. Consequently, during a snapshot of time, there may not enough units to accommodate the demand.

It should be said that these photos were taken by families that are firmly supportive of the development. They point out that they love Nuevo Vallarta and what Grupo Vidanta has done with the property so far. Perhaps they will receive something as a thank you for their support from Grupo Vidanta.
Regardless, a huge thank you comes from all of us members of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club to those of you who provided us with photos of changes taking place at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.
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