CN June302011

A Beautiful Wedding...

Judy and her daughter spent the better part of a year or more planning Judy's daughter's wedding. This was not an easy task because Judy and family live in Alaska! Forty four guests were counting on everything being perfect, and Judy had to rely heavily on the staff at the Grand Luxxe and Grand Mayan resorts at Nuevo Vallarta to be certain the event was all Judy and her daughter hoped for.

Those of you with daughters who married know the anxiety they felt, especially the mother of the bride. Will the accommodations be the ones we want, will the staff do what they promise, what will the food actually be like, will the grounds be properly set up, what about the flowers, how about the tables, etc., etc., etc.? Stress is an understatement.

Well, Judy let us know and provided us with photographic evidence that all went according to plan. You can enjoy a preview of the festivities by viewing a SmileBox presentation of photos a family friend put together for all to enjoy. Its called the Language of Love.

Best wishes to the new bride and groom for a long, healthy, enjoyable life together, and congratulations, Judy for a job well done! Thank you for sharing your day of happiness with us all.
Thank you for sharing your celebration with us Judy...
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