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More News from Nuevo Vallarta - Update

Lindsa_m sent us a map of Nuevo Vallarta. Nice when juxtaposed to the aerial photo of the property that was taken in December 2010 and the map John sent us in July, 2009. When we have a moment, we will try to enhance the lettering so it is easier to read.

Map of Nuevo Vallarta Vida Properties in 2011.
Vidanta Resorts at Nuevo Vallarta Mayan Property Nov 15 2010
Nuevo Vallarta 3D Map 2009 Altered in 2011
Sailing high above the Luxxe and Mayan beach in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Also, Scott added these comments to his update on the 16th of June:

Building four is east of IIIB, they are up to the first floor. No spa, the bottom of Luxxe II just has the elevator area. Lots of space at the bottom of that building and in the extra two extra tall floors in III A and III B. I did not take a picture of the them tearing down the south Mayan Palace building but they are doing it. Scott

Also, the wedding Judy has been planning for the past year took place. Management was very responsive to the family's needs. We have not heard all the details, but suspect all went well. Congratulations and best wishes from all members and viewers of Aimfair.com!

Thanks Scott and Lindsa_m....

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