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Interval Premium or Premium Gold Accounts

On or about May 21, 2010, we received comments questioning the existence of the Interval Gold or Interval Premium or Interval Premium Gold account that the sales staff said was in development. We volunteered to capture and post the comments as they came in. Joan asked what are the results? "Anyone send their comments in?"

The answer is yes. Five fellow owners sent their comments in and following is what they said:

Les said: "Might as well add us to your list of people receiving the II upgrade of 2 additional weeks last year in Nov. in Nuevo. Supposedly we could reserve 2 additional weeks through II with no deposit, was what we were told to get us to buy.

Jack said: "We were promised 2 weeks per year at our last upgrade. He did not say it was unlimited but he did not anything about a limit, The implication was that it was unlimited. We did receive a certificate for one week for $229 to $429 depending on number of bedrooms.It had a duration of about a year. However, the certificate sates that it can not be used for your home resort. We were told that we could use it for Grand Luxxe by paying the maintenance fee.

Bev said: "Thanks for trying to take care of our questions about Interval International.

Our names are xxx and Bev. We upgraded January 31, 2010 from Grand Mayan to Grand Luxxe. We were promised II Premiere Gold weeks annually. We were told these were in addition to our Residence Weeks and Registered Week to use annually without exchange. They said they paid the membership for the first two years.

We did receive a packet from Interval International and it only refers to exchange options and special getaway weeks that you do not need to exchange, but the offerings are limited.

We also received one certificate from Interval International that expires April 18, 2011.

Thanks very much and let me know if you need any further information.

Allen said: "Thanks for looking after this project.

The date of our contract is April 1, 2009 and was signed and paid for at NV.

We were promised two gold weeks annually which did not require a deposit of our Grand Luxxe weeks. There is a notation on the top of our II membership application “Two premier gold weeks annually”. We were further led to believe that we could use these weeks for accommodation in the Grand Luxxe (assuming II had Grand Luxxe inventory). We paid $5,000 to extend this benefit for the life of our contract.

We are extremely happy owners. The only downside has been the lack of action on so many promises made by the sales people.

We did receive an II gold membership package that included a Resort Accommodation Certificate for one week at selected resorts upon payment of a fee depending on the number of bedrooms. This certificate expires on June 15, 2010.We have just received our II Gold membership renewal package at $148 for one year.

Mark said: "Thanks for collectively communicating the unrealized promise for additional II weeks.

On 12/13/2009 we signed a contract for a GL Master Suite in NV. Our sales person was David. During the negotiations, David stated that in addition to our registered and residence weeks, we would also receive “ Two II Premier Weeks Breaking for each year for 100 years” This would enable us to use two additional weeks a year at the GL or other II Resports (sic) by paying the current maintenance fees (but no promotional amenities).

The notation “2 II Premier Weeks Breaking” was written at the top right corner of our yellow II enrollment form (copy attached).

Unfortunately we should have done a better job getting details behind this offer in writing. We never received a certificate for the incremental II weeks.

Our original contract was XXXXXXX ($XXK) and we have since upgraded to a Villa and hold contract XXXXXXX (+$YYK upgrade fee).

Feel free to share this info with Groupo Mayan.

Thanks again for everything you do for the GL community.

Joan said: "....upgraded from Grand Bliss to Grand Luxxe Condo (2 bdrm) April 2010 in Riviera Maya.....1 member week, 10 years and 2 residence weeks, 100 years.

Per our contract we received 2 years paid of II Gold membership...we did not pay extra for this. Have not yet received any information from II about this membership. In addition, we were given an addendum for 10 Getaway weeks which I later found out are available unlimited to any member. (at the time, not being familiar with II, thought this might be restricted like HSI for which we were given a specified number of Breakaway weeks)

I do remember sales talking about a special II program just for Luxxe and the comments implied that these 10 weeks would get you back to the Grupo Mayan network of resorts for less than the maintenance fee....just for the cost of the Getaway Week. Since we did not pay anything for the membership or these Getaway Weeks, we are giving them the fact that there may be a special program in the works that is still not functional yet. We really do not need these weeks, so it is not an important issue for us.

Everything we discussed during the upgrade is in writing and one aspect of the contract we did not accept was completely resolved then to our satisfaction.

Sales and Member Services were completely professional IMHO.

Hope this info helps for the total picture of what is generally going on.


Thank you all for participating. We were told the same thing as everyone else...we would receive two Premium Gold Weeks each year for the life of our contracts. These weeks were undefined at the time and remain so to date. The certificate we received allowed us to visit a resort for a price that varied with the number of rooms we required. The availability was at specific times, subject to availability.

The value is in the use. We were not expecting anything more than what we received, with the exception of the way the weeks were presented.....which was vague and undefined.

Please let us know if you would like to have your story presented here too. Email us at iigold@luxxeowners.com.
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