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More News from Nuevo Vallarta - Update

We heard from Scott and Sue again this year. Last year, they discussed the changes taking place with Grand Luxxe III, as it was in the early stages of construction. Read what they say this year:

Bob and Mary Ann:

My wife and I just returned from Nuevo and here are what is happening:

At Nuevo Vallarta the Grand Luxxe area is still a hub of activity. They were working pretty close to 24 hours a day last week to complete the Punta Luxxe building and Luxxe Towers III and IV (one person referred to these as IIIA and IIIB). They are trying to complete these buildings for a November 2011 opening. Tower III is topped off, but they have yet to start the windows and interior work. Tower IV has one or two floors to go. Both of these buildings have, several floors up, a retail and restaurant space, a much higher (in terms of floor to ceiling) floor.

They will be hard pressed to finish these two towers by their deadline. The windows are starting to be put on the the Punta Luxxe building.

This is not a typical Luxxe configuration--we were told these would be large suites, but not Mansions of the World. The top two floors of this building are for the Mayan owner, Mr. Chavez, who will use them as his personnel suite (with a (Edited by Bob because the comment could not be confirmed) on the roof).

The four floors to be utilized by guests, are either 16, 8 or only 4 rooms. The back sections don't seem to have a balcony, so I am thinking with 8 or 4 suites--these are not for the likes of normal Luxxe owners we were told. Last week they closed off the southwest end of the current Luxxe pool, to start attaching them to the next Luxxe pools they are building to the end of the point, to the front of the Punta building (these pools can be seen on the Nuevo Grand Luxxe map on the new web site).

Another building is also being started past Luxxe Tower IV. They are also taking down the third Mayan Place building (which they put an addition on only two years ago). This is the buliding to the south--we were told this is being done to improve the view from the new Luxxe bulidings. Also, when the Luxxe and Grand Mayan models are now, by the ocean, they will be putting in the Gran Bliss pools. We were also told that a lazy river will go in the Luxxe area, probably in the back. If you stay at the Luxxe between now and the end of the year, expect construction to go on non-stop.

Nuevo Vallarta continues to be a hub of massive change. We look forward to following all the new activity over the summer months.

Also, the top floors of the Grand Luxxe Punta are different from the lower four floors, which is evident from all the photos taken to date. However, there is no confirmation that there will be a heliport on the top of the Grand Luxxe Punta. It may be very flat and appear compatible with heliport characteristics, it seems to us such flight activity would be very intrusive to those staying at the resort. Let's wait and see on this particular piece of speculation. Enjoy Scott and Sue's photos too.

Gentle Reminder: We are interested in change on all the Vidanta properties, so please provide your updates as you can.

Thanks again Scott and Sue...

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