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Eradicating Mosquitoes

July 26, 2012

Westwinds3 has posted a great suggestion on the Owners Forum. We felt it is relevant and should be read by everyone. Perhaps you might even have some feedback you would like to send us about your experiences with the product Westwinds3 describes below. If so, send your comments to Feedback@Aimfair.com. Here is what he wrote. BTW, we will send Westwinds3's comments off to the resort to consider as well, just in case they missed his post. Please consider:
Recently I have been reading complaints about mosquitoes and other biting bugs around the Grand Luxxe/Mayan property in NV. Yesterday in the New York Times Science Section an article appeared discussing a paint called Inesfly that contains microcapsules of pesticides released slowly over time ( 2+ years) which not only kill these insects but also kills their eggs and their young. And because the microcapsules are released slowly they are much less toxic than fumigation. This paint has been used in Bolivia against large biting bugs called Triatomines and in Africa against a mosquito that transmits malaria. In Mexico tests have been conducted by the former head of vector-transmitted disease. Mexican tests in the Tabasco Region wiped out 95% of the mosquitos after application of the paint in an area where fumigation failed to eliminate these pests after 60 years of use. In central Mexico another test eradicated scorpions and Triatomines. In the US this paint is working its way through approval by EPA. Perhaps there is a way to use this paint strategically to solve the biting bug problem at the Luxxe/Mayan?

Thank you Westwinds3....great suggestion...

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