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July 26, 2011

During the past two summer periods from May through October, we have heard about resort closures and uncertainties that may have a negative impact on the collective “us”.

One of our initial objectives when we set out to create this website was to provide a way for owners of Grupo Vidanta timeshare contracts to keep updated with changes taking place on the various properties.

Fellow owners have done a great job of providing their experiences with the sales presentations and stays. Photos are great ways to display changes to construction sites. Then, there are the wonderful comments heard from around the pool.

We now can include comments from our Grupo Vidanta contact at Nuevo Vallarta. Here are questions we posed and answers he provided:

1. Which Sea Garden locations are operational at this time?
Ans: Acapulco, Mazatlan and Nuevo Vallarta.

2. What can you share about the demolition process of the Nuevo Vallarta Mayan Palace? Photos would be terrific.
Ans: They have advanced only 20%. They have only demolished the sheetrock walls, windows and ceilings. Currently they are working on demolishing the concrete columns.

3. What have you found out about providing information about changes that are going on at the various resorts? If you would like,we can set up a page whereby you can actually enter the information yourself on the fly and when you want.
Ans: Changes happen so dramatically and quite frequently that I am rarely at the forefront of what is going on. If you check in every-so-often I will be happy to update you on things we can announce. Due to the changes, we do not announce anything until it is actually being constructed.

4. What information can you share with our mutual members about the layout of the "Grand Luxxe" Towers III and IV?
Ans: The only thing I am confident about is the lobby for those luxxe buildings which will be about 30 feet high and completely open air concept. But like I said before, it really isn't a reality until it is constructed.

5. What progress reports do you have for the construction taking place at the Acapulco, La Jolla de Cortes and Riviera Maya locations? If we could get any updates on this that would help.
Ans:They are continuing works on the front and back view façades of the Mayan Palace Playa. Once that is completed, they will stop all works in this area.

We want to thank our contact for the above information.

Let us know if you have questions you would like us to present. He will do his best to answer them. Send us an email with Questions in the Subject to infoaboutus@aimfair.com

Once again...stay tuned...

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