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Offers to Members of Closed Market Bases

Vida Vacation Club is no different from any other company in the hospitality industry when it comes to wanting increased exposure and new resort members. This is not a surprise to us because we all know how challenging it is to attract new prospects in today's highly competitive market.

GolfHub Offer

Jim, who is a fellow member of Aimfair.com and the Grand Luxxe Residence Club sent us an email that contained the image of an email one of his friends sent him. The question he raised was a good one.

I thought the general public was not able to stay at the GM? Is this happening with all levels of the resorts? This may be news for the web site.

The concern is real.

Vida Vacation Club provided us with the answer to Jim's question:

Bob, this is an offer through a closed market base and if any members see it they are welcome to use the offer. The promo is only for Mayan Palace and Grand Mayan. Travel dates are from May thru Oct 31.

All of us who own timeshare contracts issued by Vida Vacation Club have a vested interest in the company's continued success. We see the need to reach out in creative ways that both protect our contract rights as well as expose the properties to new prospective members.

The interests of holders and issuers of timeshare contracts are frequently different. However, their interests merge together when it comes to wanting the developer to remain financially strong. We feel attractive offers made to members of closed market bases during slow seasons benefits all parties.

Thank you Jim and Vida Vacation Club...

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