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The Loft Residences - Photos and Floor Plan

July 1, 2013

We have been hearing about the Loft Residences since Mark and Gina Marie shared their photos with us in March, 2013. Their photos were perfect glimpses of what was to come. Preliminary and images of unfinished units, their photos never the less gave us all insight to what was to become of the fourth floor spaces in Grand Luxxe Towers III A and B and IV A and B.

The Loft Residences are quite a change from the Villa configuration. The major differences are:
  1. They are two srory units with either two and three bedrooms.
  2. They are not divisible into smaller units.
  3. The living areas provide space for larger gatherings of eight or more.
  4. There is a second living/media room on the second level, which could be great for children.
Here are photos of the Loft Residences:

Very attractive, don't you think?

Here is the floor plan for the Loft Residence - 3 BR unit:

Residence Lofts - First Floor - April 21 2013
Residence Lofts - Second Floor - April 21 2013

Loft Residence 2 Bedroom Layout

We appreciate having these photos to share with everyone. They provide insight to the direction of the property and buildings. All very attractive and suitable for families and groups traveling together.
You know what we are going to say.....Stay Tuned....
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