CN Jan52013

New Year's Week - Nino's Review

~~#A94717:January 5, 2013 Consider - One year ago; background-color: we were all discussing the future of the Mayan Palace and whether or not the Punta Pools were ever going to be heated. Then, as the year progressed, we heard different reports and saw woderful photos that supported the reports.

Today, we are reflecting on management's success at gettiing a large number of disparate projects done by December 15, 2012. Reports are favoable, and by in large management has delivered.

This morning we received a report from Nino. In his report, he tried to focus on areas not already addressed by contributing Aimfair members. Here is what he had to say">{DIV(type=blockquote width=650px align=justify)}#A94717:We just spent a great week in Nuevo Vallarta to celebrate the New Year with our best friends. I've listed some points and updates below. I have attempted to list points that have not yet been mentioned on the Aimfair website in order to avoid duplication.
  • We attended the update meeting with our long-time sales representative who has been very truthful and trustworthy to us over the years. An interesting update is that the fourth storey of Luxxe towers 3 and 4 that were originally intended as shops, will now be utilized to construct two storey lofts. Apparently quite a few Luxxe members complained that having shops in the middle of the complex would create too much noise. We upgraded our contract and noticed that there is now a reference to two storey lofts in the exchange grid. The shops will be built in the new structure at the Mayan Palace.
  • Punta Cana and East Cape are under construction as new Luxxe locations.
  • Land has been purchased in Maui and Costa Rica; however, no scheduled dates for construction to commence.
  • Our sales rep does not believe that construction at the future Mansions of the World site in Buenos Aires has been suspended. Future Mansion of the World locations are Barcelona, Rome, Paris, St. Petersburg (Russia), Montreal, and New York City. Vida has commenced selling Mansions of the World contracts in blocks of 30 days per year.
  • The train service to transport people around the resort should commence in a couple of weeks. This should correct the shuttle back log problem that currently exists.
  • Construction of Nayar City is on schedule to be completed in approximately three years