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Riviera Maya - Grand Luxxe Building One:

We have received interesting information about the size of and amenities in the Grand Luxxe Master Room Lock Off units in Riviera Maya. It seems they are about the same size as the Grand Luxxe Jr. Villas in Nuevo Vallarta. They have a living area and small deck. No kitchen, but they do have a microwave and refrigerator.

Nino sent us his update, which you can read by clicking here.

Additionally, Ken and John have provided us with overview maps of the Riviera Maya Property.

There is an overview from Google Maps as well, but the date of the Google Map is October 10, 2008. The large undeveloped area on the right hand side of the Google Map is the area in which Grupo Vidanta is building the Grand Luxxe buildings.

Lots of activity in the Vida Vacation Club / Grupo Vidanta organizations. Grand Luxxe Building Two could open in 2011. We also hear that construction has begun on Grand Luxxe Building 3.

Stay tuned....

Thank you Nino, Ken and John....

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