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Nuevo Vallarta Today....

Two members wrote in to advise everyone that the Nuevo Vallarta property is implementing tight security measures by closing off the primary road used to enter and leave the resort area.

Ron, who Last February, Ron was equivalent to an on site reporter and sent us all many updates about the property and construction. He is there now and has a great story to tell about his experience on the way home from a nice night out. He sent his comments to Gary III, who posted them on the Forum. Here are Ron's comments:

Nuevo Vallarta construction Posted by: "Ronald Pennisi" rpennisi at aol.com
Date: Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:15 pm (PST)

This is hard to believe but true!

Last night we walked to the Sea Garden for dinner (actually to 8 Tostadas but it was booked for a wedding). On our way back, security stopped us from walking past the Sea Garden toward the GM. They said there was construction and we had to take a cab the long way around past Taco Break.

We and others were incredulous and proceeded to walk past the condos toward the GM. They had put up a fence blocking the way since we had left for dinner! We walked around in and out through the employees entrance (very strange, they go through metal detectors and turnstiles).

Today the fence is blocking all traffic and walkers, and will be that way for 3-6 months! No more going through the employee building.

There are a lot of angry (Change by Bob) people. It¹s either walk the beach from the GM to the SG or take a cab.

You can¹t make this stuff up!! All the restaurants in NV are now a cab ride away, as well as the SG. Ironic, but the SG now has the best location. Even the Mayan convenience store as well as the OXXO are isolated. No worker seems to know what the construction is for, par for the course.

Today, Bill sent us a note too. His observations are similar to Ron's. Bill's comments are a follows:

My wife and I returned last night from a week at the GL NV and I may have some update news for you.

As was reported earlier today, the auto and walking routes have changed. As of last Friday (I think) guests could no longer walk from the GM to the Sea Garden, Rum-Bah, Guidos or the NV marina, as a chain-link fence was constructed from the GM sales lobby across the road to the parking garage. Anyone wanting to go from the MP/GM/GL property to the Sea Garden or NV marina has to take a commercial taxi, golf cart or walk out to the main entrance and then walk back towards the Sea Garden.

Seems they are doing something permanent with the property in front of the "newer" GL buildings on the north side. During our annual "update/cash wringer" session, we were told that these changes are permanent.

The long-range plan is that eventually all arriving guests will be met at the main entrance where they will transfer to a train which will take them to their lodging. Their baggage will be taken separately and put into the guest's room.

For now, they have a pretty good system of carts which shuttle almost continuously between GL, MP and GM main lobbies. The bellboys can call for a cart by radio and generally the response time was very good. Having said that, I think this cart system is temporary and the train may replace it.

We had a Monday to Monday reservation and compared to a weekend check in-check out, ours was a breeze: no lines, no waiting, took all of about 5 minutes each way. In addition, the only day available for our famous 90 minute update was on Sunday, the day before check out. Through good planning and foresight, my wife managed to book her second free massage for 11 AM Sunday, thereby bracketing the time available for the sales guy to work us over.

Having said that, Bob, please note that it's a tongue-in-cheek comment, as our sales rep was a nice Canadian named Scott. During our briefing, I asked him if he follows any of the owner's web sites. He said that he does follow AimFair and further said that he had been your sales rep. You have trained him well, as his sales part of the briefing took less than 3 minutes!! He offered to double our ownership for half our present investment, which we declined as we could not use more weeks. He accepted our "no, thanks" without question or push back, end of discussion. Once we got that out of the way, I asked for updates on the other GLs.

Luxxe 3 at NV is scheduled to be on line by November this year and there will be additional pools and restaurants. In all, he said there would a total of 22 restaurants, all on line in the next 3 years.

GL MR: soft opening now, with a full opening by November 2011.

GL AC: no idea when construction will start.

GL in the Dominican Republic: Construction has started with expected completion by about June 2012.

Computers: When we check in, there was a PC in our room. However, without notice, it was removed. When I asked our concierge, she knew nothing about why or when it would be replaced. Then later, we were told that all GL PCs were being replaced by laptops. Later, we were told that each concierge would have laptops to issue to guests upon request. We never did learn why.

Bob, some of this may be old. Feel free to cut and paste as you see fit for what it's worth.

Best regards,


Great updates and information. We can't wait to see how this all turns out.

Thanks Gary III, Ron and Bill....

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