CN Feb222011

Steve is an owner of a Bliss Resort Timeshare Contract...

and asked us to post his announcement. As we are a site where owners of Grupo Vidanta and Vida Vacation Club resort contracts can connect with each other and exchange information, we are granting his request. His comments appear below:

To all bliss owners....there is NO bliss in nuevo vallarta. There are no current plans to build the bliss and no current location here to build the bliss. If you purchased the bliss, check your contract as YOU actually own at the Riviera Maya and not n.vallarta. If you have more questions email me at spdp at fastmail.fm. I am here and have had a MEETING WITH ANDREW AT MEMBER SERVICES AND HAVE MORE INFO IF YOU WOULD LIKE. Thank you, Steve Dipiero

Please keep in mind that Steve's comments are his own and do not reflect commitments or statements of fact from anyone of authority.

Last year during his visit to Riviera Maya, Ron sent us all video clips of what he thought was a Bliss Resort. It was complete and ready to go. The only problem, there were no visitors. Consequently, the building is not occupied.

While we visited Nuevo Vallarta, rumor was the curved sections of the Mayan Palace were to become Bliss units. That has not evolved either, at least to our knowledge.

So, if you have questions about the Bliss Resort, Steve has invited you to contact him through his email address. We are sure he will keep you informed of his conversations with management and information about the Bliss Resort.

Thank you Steve....

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