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The Crandel Family Loves Nuevo Vallarta - Even in the Rain

March 8, 2012

Lisa and Dave spent the week from February 11 to the 18th. It was a rainy and cool week, so beach life was curtailed. Seating at the Punta Pools was unrestricted. They could sit where ever they wished. Probably because of the small crowds.

They reported that the Punta Pools are not heated so they did not swim in the Punta pools. They tried the adjacent hot tubs and found them to be warm tubs. They also tried the Lazy River at the Grand Mayan a few times. That was about all the water sports in which they were able to participate.

The Punta Arena Sea Food restaurant below the Grand Luxxe Punta in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico is usually quiet, warm and comfortable. On this February day, there was bluster and rain. Surfers were out though.

They did go to Puerto Vallarta a few times and used their favorite driver. His name is Miguel Ibarra. The Crandel family has used Miguel on a number of occasions and highly recommends him. He speaks English very well and works for the Mayan as well. His phone number is 044-322-229-2469 if you would like to make arrangements for tours or transportation.

A place they visited for a meal and liked very much is called Ecole de Cuisine Le Fort in Bucerias. There is a restaurant called Le Fort in Puerto Vallarta, which is listed about mid-way between the top and bottom of about 479 restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.

French restaurant in Bucerias, Mexico that is quaint and good.

The owner and his wife cook your meal in front of you. When finished, they join the group and have dinner with everyone too. Could be lots of fun. We have not eaten there yet but will try it out next week. Their address is Lazaro Cardenas No. 71-A, Bucerias, Mexico. It is actually just around the corner from Karen's, going toward central Bucerias on Lasaro Cardenas. Of course, we will put up a review.

Here are the rest of the photos Lisa shared with us. What a rainbow!!

There is plenty of seating surrounding and below the Grand Luxxe Punta building at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. This view of the seating deck is looking south toward the bird sanctuary and Puerto Vallarta.
The boat dock for the Punta is at the end of the waterway that feeds the Punta ponds at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. The foliage has grown tremendously since November 19, 2011.
The outdoor seating surrounds and is below the Grand Luxxe Punta in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. This is the south side of the building, and the seating area is on the border of the states Jalisco and Nayarit in Mexico.
What a beautiful rainbow! And it ends in downtown Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A February Grand Luxxe vacation with appropriate beauty.

Thank you Lisa and Dave....great review under the circumstances!

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