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Construction At Nuevo Vallarta - Noise and All

December 9, 2011

September through November were trying times at the Grupo Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta property. Hurricanes and other weather issues created delays. Construction teams were many and sometimes not performing their work in a quality way. Pressure was on everyone to open the Grand Luxxe Tower III A and the Punta by November 11, 2011.

Soft Openings in both buildings took place on time. Congratulations to all who made it happen.

But the openings were anything but soft. Eighth and ninth floors of the Grand Luxxe Tower III were not ready. Result, over booking in the areas that were open. Also, some guests were disappointed and frustrated at the turn of events. They paid top dollar to get their reservations, and they did not feel happy when all did not go the way they wanted.

However, Grupo Vidanta management did what they could to acknowledge the inconvenience and tried to make everyone happy by mitigating each situation in a fair and reasonable manner. After all, it isn't as though they wanted to impose difficult conditions on guests who were inconvenienced.

That is all behind us and them.

In the meantime, Greg sent us videos that he took during the last week in November and on December 1. The importance of these videos is not only what they show, which is a great snap shot of progress on the property, but also the fact that there is noise. Jack hammers are poking holes in the demolished south tower of the Mayan Palace. Yes, there is noise. But the nice thing is, they do not work at night.

So, we feel the property will be remarkable when construction is finished. The changes that have taken place since Greg was there in April are substantial.

First, let's see how the property looks in November and December, 2011:

South Tower of Mayan Palace From Grand Luxxe Tower II - November 30, 2011

Train Station and Surrounding Area - November 29, 2011

Grand Luxxe Tower III Ramp Reinforcement - November 30, 2011

Grand Luxxe Tower III Ramp Reinforcement - December 1, 2011

Bottom line: There is lots of construction going on and there will be for the next several months. Although there is noise during the day, nothing seems to be going on at night, even though there are intrusive lights in different areas of the property.

So, what was it like in March? Well, Greg just happened to be there and sent the following items in for us to share:

Changing Grade of the Grand Luxxe III - March 31, 2011

Easterly view of the Grand Luxxe buildings under construction along the Ameca River - March 31, 2011

The Grand Luxxe Tower III A and B - March 31, 2011

The Grand Luxxe Punta may be ready for occupancy by November, 2011 - March 31, 2011

Grand Luxxe Tower II and Tower III - March 31, 2011

Thanks Greg and Sue. Great vidoes....
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