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August 8, 2011

As we noted in our Welcome page, Wendy sent us photos of the Mayan Palace building in deconstruction.

She also followed up with some answers to our questions. Following are her comments:

Q: The GL Punta is coming along, based on photos we received and posted in June.
Ans: They are working on the large pool area and also working on joining the pool from GL towards the Punta building (similar to GM area in Mayan Riviera, where the pools are joined by water ways) also working on a retaining wall by the river. I must admit we were there in May and from May to mid July we thought the building would have been further along, but as we all know they will end up pulling it together quite quickly.

Q: It will be interesting to see the GL Towers III and IV. They are mixed use, it seems. Also, it seems the RR track ends there.
Ans: GL 3 & 4 are pretty much capped.

Q: Any word on the building in front of the Grand Bliss? The official statement is it will be a RR Station.
Ans: The work on this building also seemed slowed down, in fact we were surprised that it didn't look much further along then when we left in May.

Observation: One area that I think they will have to be very careful on is the transportation issue. Currently to all GL people are being dropped off at Mayan Palace front entrance, as they have closed the road as part of the only getting around by carts in the future, and it is very congested. Now I know that it will change when all the new facilities are open, but truly, when other buildings are occupied and you have that many more people, having to funnel everyone from one location I think is going to back fire. Right now it really is a pain in the neck as to get a taxi you have to wait at the GL to be picked up by a cart....which sometimes is a 15 minute wait....then be dropped off at Mayan Palace to wait for a taxi over there. So in essence if you want to go anywhere you really have to start out currently about 30 minutes before you normally would.....when more people I am sure that you will have to be even earlier.

Observation: On a happy note, we went in and out of the gate over by the Sun Market at Grand Mayan to walk along the sidewalk to Sea Garden, Eddies, Prime 159, etc., and we didn't have any push back at all at anytime. We must have walked through at least a dozen times. So they finally have that figured out - perseverance has won out!

Q: So great hearing from you. Hope you had a wonderful time.

Ans: Always have a great time there. Will be back at beginning of October and report back to you then.

Thank you Wendy....

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