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Bob and Christina's Grand Luxxe Riviera Mayan Experience

August 27, 2011

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Christina and I enjoyed vacationing at the GL RM location from 25 July to 8 Aug 2011. This is the first time that we have been able to stay in the GL RM building since we became charter members two years ago. We had to stay at the Grand Mayan RM during earlier visits because the GL RM was fully booked when we could get away on vacation. This time at the GL RM, we were finally able to check out the view from each of the three sides of GL Bldg 1 (pod as Bob Jones calls them).

The service by the entire GL RM staff was exceptional. Every single person, from the shuttle drivers to the waiters at the GL Pool Burgers Custom Made, from the Concierge staff to the Day and Night room maids, made our vacation experience there a dream come true. The Managers and their teams are very friendly and all have very positive attitudes and openly express their joy in serving the GL RM owners. We got to know each of them by name and they us.

The actual GL RM Villa rooms are very similar to the GL RM Villa Model units that we viewed prior to becoming owners. One feature that we were looking forward to, but was missing, was the large hammock on the patio. I posted a photo of Christina last year in that hammock when we visited the GL RM Model unit. The hammock is no longer at the Model unit when we checked, so hammocks are evidently no longer in the grand plan.

Bldg 2 is still scheduled to open mid November 2011. This is possible based on what we saw of Bldg 1 in Oct 2010, a month prior to it opening in November last year. Buildings 3 and 4 are in various stages of completion, with openings estimated at about a year apart. We got to enjoy the flashing of arc welding of re-bar on Bldg 3 from our patio on Bldg 1, which also faced the (very) nearby Valentine Resort.

The GL beach is improving each time we visit. The artificial reef is causing sand to collect between the reef and the shoreline. It is a slow, but measurable process. Several sources at the GL RM stated that Vida Corp has recently contracted with a Mexican company for several million dollars to improve the Grand Mayan and Grand Luxxe beaches by bringing sand in from the ocean. We saw the resident 8 foot long Sand Shark and many colorful tropical fish in the reef while we were snorkeling. Each year since the last hurricane we see the fish get larger and more plentiful. More people were snorkeling in the man made reef than we have ever seen there before.

One lazy afternoon we walked the shoreline to the South of the resort. We walked several miles to the El Dorado Maroma resort, past Punta Maroma and then back. It was a 4 hour round trip, with several stops to swim in the ocean at beautiful and deserted white sand beaches. We traversed the sandy beaches of several resorts . We have similarly explored the shoreline to the North during previous visits there. It is great fun to explore the shores of the Caribbean on foot.

We are looking forward to our next visit to the GL RM in October.

Thank you again Bob and Christina....

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