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Lindsa_M sent us an update.

April 6, 2011

It is extensive and interesting. Enjoy the read:

I am a GLV owner and I talked to a Sales Planner for Grupo Vidanta yesterday (April 03). To be more specific this individual called me at home from Mexico, based on a number of interactions we had over the past several years. Overall, I had a very insightful, painful and enlightening conversation. The Planner receives a 2-year rolling construction plan for all Grupo Vidanta properties i.e., Jan 2011 to Dec 2012. After a 45 minute call the Planner was able to reinforce what I (most of us) already suspected, but needed to hear it from a more definitive source to accept and embrace it. Keep in mind that everything that I am telling you is based on a two year rolling plan that gets revised every quarter (3 months).

1. For all Mansions of The World (MoTW) Investors

None of the current or planned facilities have been officially designated as a MoTW facility. This is most troublesome to me because I am an early investor in MoTW and would like to believe my investment will prove fruitful. When I enquired about the Argentina facility, I was told that construction in Argentina is still in progress and planned for completion by the end of 2012. However, the top two floors are reserved for Grand Luxxe owners and all the lower floors will accommodate traditional hotel guests. I believe the name of the hotel is pronounced Crystal (Phonetically).

I mentioned all the models in the sales offices and short videos that show the MoTW in RM and NV, but the response was the same, There are currently no designated facilities that are named MoTW that have currently been built, or scheduled to be built by end of 2012. However, this may change when the next rolling update shows new plans for the first quarter of 2013. On a side note, the Planner believes that the MoTW format will be more like an actual Mansion like villas, not an apartment. Hence the name Mansion.

2. Future Grand Mayan Locations

Hawaii will not have a Grupo Vidanta location in the future. The company owner does own property in Hawaii (therefore the sales reps were partially telling the truth), but Hawaii limits the number of hotels that can be built, and that limit has been reached. As a result, no property has ever been planned or will be planned for Hawaii in the future.

Costa Rica will not have a Grupo Vidanta location in the future. Allegedly the remaining beach front properties suffer from geological stability, or at least the sites under consideration for Grupo Vidanta suffer from this. Supposedly there is nothing that can change this position for the foreseeable future. As a result no plans to build in Cost Rica are expected to ever exist.

However, Grupo Vidanta is actually building something in the Dominican Republic. I didn™t ask what type of facility or building, but I will follow up with more questions sometime soon.

Argentina is currently under construction and planned for completion by the end of 2012 (or close to it). It will be designed with rooms larger than the typical GL rooms, so I assume they are similar to the presidential suites. I am only speculating on the GL room name and format but that the rooms are definitely larger. As I mentioned previously the top 2 floors are currently planned for GL owners. I will follow up with more specifics regarding the floor plans and qualifications.

3. Lazy Rivers

There are currently no Lazy Rivers planned for construction or completion by the end of 2012. The Lazy River in RM is currently dormant. However, there is a good chance that construction will continue in RM after all 4 Grand Luxxe facilities are built. The planner claims that discussions have occurred to complete the Lazy River in RM, so it most likely will actually happen. If and when it does happen, construction will most likely begin near the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013.

During a sales presentation I was told that an additional water park and Lazy River would be built in NV. To be honest, I never believed The largest water park in Mexico story, but I was hoping for another Lazy River for GL owners in NV. However, after I looked at the NV property from Google Earth I couldn™t see how it could possibly fit. Sure enough, the Planner told me that adding a Lazy River to the NV property has never been discussed or planned for NV. I was also told there is no way it could fit due to proximity of the hotels along the Amica River. The only way another Lazy River could be constructed is by foregoing the gondola paths planned for the Nayarit city. In short, another Lazy River in NV is HIGHLY unlikely!

As far as the largest water park in Mexico is concerned, again, HIGHLY unlikely, as it has never been discussed or planned. Plus there is no room for it on the property with the current hotel layout and golf course.

On a side note, my sales agent during our last update tour asked me what I liked about the NV facility. Coincidentally, he claimed everything I liked they were either making bigger, better, or more of them i.e., golf course, slides, lazy river etc.

4. Additional Golf Course

The update on this was a bit startling (I like to play golf). I was told that a second golf course at NV was not currently under construction or planned for construction by the end of 2012. I mentioned all the rumors and received the same response, A second golf course was not currently under construction or planned for construction by the end of 2012. When I mentioned I heard that Greg Norman supposedly designed the course and construction had already begun, I received the same response. This became a recurring theme during our conversation.

5. USA Based Construction Company Helping to Accelerate Construction

During one of my sales tours (same sales guy) I was told that Grupo Vidanta is partnering with a large US construction firm to accelerate construction. The Planner told me that additional help from other Mexican construction firms have helped sporadically, but no USA specific companies are involved. The Planner also told me that seeking support from other countries has never been discussed.

6. The Grand Bliss in NV

Good news. Allegedly the walk from the GB to the beach or other hotel pools is too far away to accommodate select owners. As a result I was told that the GB will have its own pool at some point in the future. It™s possible that construction for a GB pool could start near the end of 2012 (after all the GLs are built). However, it should be noted that currently a pool at the GB is not currently under construction or planned for construction by the end of 2012. Hopefully this all changes immediately after the GLs are built.

7. The Grand Luxxe Presidential Suites

It should be apparent that the GL has become the sole focus of construction at all properties. Allegedly the Punta building in NV will support 16 presidential suites. Each room will be accommodated by a private elevator which takes you directly to your floor and room. In other words, when you exit your assigned elevator you step directly to your front door. I did not ask for the specific room size or layout. Nor did I ask if the MoTW will ever be a part of the Punta building. By this point in the conversation (probably 30 minutes), I realized it was time for me to start asking more logical questions than hopeful questions.

8. A Sister Company called Zijuatinejo, is linked to Grupo Mayan Owners

I was told that as GL owners we have special accommodations at a sister resort called Loma Del Mar, Thalasso Spa & Resort, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico. It™s about 150 miles north of Acapulco. In short, this is a high-end wellness spa and resort that manages 16 rooms on 5 acres. The two primary pools are like over-sized Jacuzzis, with powerful air-jets and therapeutic devices.'

Not taking anything for granted anymore (Yes, I've finally learned my lesson) I looked the place up on the website and actually called the facility. It's exactly as I was told. In fact, what I wasn't told is that it's a world renowned wellness spa. I have enclosed the website: Note: The website for Loma Del Mar has been hijacked or is no longer readable. (As of October 7, 2015).

After conducting a high level internet search, I can honestly say that it looks like a nice place for adult couples. When I talked to the on-site reservation agent she mentioned that they are affiliated with the Grand Luxxe Hotel, and that they offer special accommodations for GL owners. I called at 9:00pm so the member™s services person that handles the GL relationship had left for the day. I may call back over the next week or two and follow up. It did look like a nice, quaint and quiet place. I also looked at the reviews from Trip Advisor:http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g150790-d656604-r30365566-Loma_del_Mar-Ixtapa_Ixtapa_Zihuatanejo_Pacific_Coast.html Note....reviews are no longer available.

I am in no way endorsing or recommending this place. I have not been there or actually talked to somebody who has visited the facility as a guest.

9. Trains, Trams, Vans and other transportation vehicles from the airport to NV.

I heard a rumor that a train stop/station was being built behind the GB in NV. However, I was told by the Planner that a train stop/station is not on the 2012 plans. I was also informed that a few hotels in PV have trains that roll through the property as a convenience, but nothing is slated for development at NV. As a sign of hope the Planner mentioned that many discussions have occurred by management to create various transportation options for owners (a train stop is one of them), so something will probably happen starting 2012-2013 time frame. It should be noted that a kiddy train similar to what existed at the GM for family enjoyment has not been planned or discussed. Similar to the Lazy River, there is no longer any space at the resort to accommodate such things.

10. Restaurants and Pools at NV

Many pools and restaurants are planned for the NV facility. They will be GL specific to accommodate the expansive growth of buildings and owners. I never asked which GL building will get a pool and/or restaurant. Unfortunately, I was asking too many hopeful questions about lazy rivers and MoTW. About 45 minutes into the conversation “ my cell phone died. End of conversation.

I have my contacts name and will call back within the next week. I need to gather my thoughts, create an actual list of questions, and try to make sense of this whole thing. All this needs to be computed prior to making any more future investments. If your wish list of GL accommodations did not make the 2012 schedule, it may appear on the schedule at some point in the future. Hopefully by the end of 2012 all of the scheduled GL buildings are complete. This will allow the Mayan properties to focus on more personal items i.e., more pools, restaurants, upgraded beach areas and perhaps that allusive MoTW!

In the mean time if anyone has a question or rebuttal let me know. I suppose in a strange way, we are all in this together.

Thank you for your update, Lindsa_M. We will all....stay tuned....

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