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Puerto Vallarta International Airport Announces Expansion Plans

November 25, 2018

To support the increased flight traffic into and out of Puerto Vallarta, the managing company, Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP) annoucned big plans to add a completely new terminal building with more space to provide excellent services. The new building will be approximately 208,000 square feet. This compares with the newest Costco store in Salt Lake City which will be 234,000 square fee and with other Costco stores that are in the range of 140,000 square feet to 160,000 square feet.

This announcement comes at a time when an Aimfair member asked whether or not Vidanta can reduce the time it takes leave the airport after landing. Initially, that sounded like a question that is out of Vidanta's hands, and it still is. But, a larger buildiing would be very helpful. Especially given the increase in Domestic Traffic from 1,192.2 million passengers for the 10 months ending October 31, 2017 to 1,343.1 million passengers for the 10 months ending October 31, 2018. International Traffic increased as well from 2,473.6 million passengers for the 10 months ending October31, 2017 to 2,538.7 million passengers for the 10 months ending Octobner 31, 2018. Traffic at the Puerto Vallarta airport has increased 5.9% for the 10 months ending October 31, 2018, largely because of increases in Domestic traffic.

Following is the announcement as seen in the Vallarta Daily:

October 18, 2018 • Vallarta Daily News

With a new terminal that will cover an area of 19,400 square meters, and more international connections to be launched at the end of the year and the beginning of the next, Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) announced big plans for the next year at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR).

The company indicated that the airport extension work is part of its Master Development Plan for the 2015-2019 five-year period, which is being completed with an investment of more than $360 million pesos only in at the Puerto Vallarta Airport.

“We are planning a completely new terminal building, with more space, excellent services and commercial areas so that passengers enjoy their travel experience,” said Raúl Revuelta, general director of GAP, in a statement.

Although they did not indicate when the work will be completed, among the improvements mentioned, the installation of five new airscrews and six lines of passenger review to expedite the entry of users to their flights.

Additionally, some other user service initiatives have already been implemented, such as the free Wi-Fi network throughout the terminal and the recently inaugurated International VIP Room.

Airport administrator, Saul Sanabria, announced that before the end of the year the connection with Panama could be inaugurated, and for next January, new routes to Hamilton and Ontario.

Currently, PVR deals with 51 destinations, including Helsinki, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Chicago. And GAP forecasts that by the end of 2018 it will mobilize five million passengers, a sustained growth of half a million passengers per year.

“Through the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta we seek to contribute to the economic and tourist development of the States of Jalisco and Nayarit, giving a better service and image to Mexicans and foreigners who visit them,” concluded Revuelta.

The new building will be a welcome addition to the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. It is a terrific indicator that Domestic traffic is driving the increased traffic to Puerto Vallarta.
More traffic increases exposure to Vidanta's properties and plans. Good news for all of us.
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